You'll Never Believe The Pictures They Used To Market These Homes

The most critical aspect of marketing a home for sale is its proper promotion on the internet.

And nothing peaks a buyer's interest in a home more than exceptional images that make the buyer want to see more of the home.

While it takes a whole lot more than just great pictures to sell a home, terrible pictures and improper scene staging reduces your odds of converting online traffic to offline traffic at your home.

So, like me, you might wonder what the heck the listing agents were thinking when they used the pictures below in their online listings.

Here are nine recent pictures and ONE classic, direct from the MLS, that agents have used when marketing a home for sale that make me scratch my head ...


Open And Bright

Another bad example of the pictures used to market a home for sale

Nothing says "buy me" like an image that conveys bright, open space. The key is in the preparation prior to taking the picture. This one reminds me of an old saying ... "a place for everything and everything in its place!"

Fine Cherry Cabinets

Following the artist that posted the previous image, this listing agent is just showing off.

Clean up before taking pictures for the MLS

I'm sorry Mr. Listing Agent, but my buyer prefers granite counters (I wouldn't have noticed the incorrect counters if you had softened the light from the mid-kitchen floor lamp).

Thank Goodness For iPhones

Otherwise, we would never have seen this staged picture.

Sideways pictures seldom work out well in the MLS

I was getting all excited about the retro-backsplash in this kitchen until I realized the agent uploaded the image sideways. You really have to wonder if a professional's camera would have pulled off this shot like the agent's iPhone did.

I Just Can't Put My Finger On It

There is something wrong with this picture, can you tell?

Yet another poor picture for the Tallahassee MLS

When you have been in real estate as long as I have, you are able to identify the small details that ruin a picture. Don't worry, I'm here for you!

Every Artist Has A Signature

Just to ensure you knew it wasn't a mistake...

Terrible House Image In Tallahassee MLS

Don't worry, you'll finger it out.

I've Got You In My Sights

An example of a really bad picture used in the Tallahassee MLS

I really don't like this picture. It's like looking through the scope of a rifle at a home. Do you want to live at the wrong end of a rifle?

It gives me flash-backs to Panama and my time in the Army.

I guess the listing agent wants to let the seller know that he's got him covered? 

I'm Scared To Guess What It Is

Toilet picture in the Tallahassee MLS?

It has the outer appearance of a cooler, yet the unmistakable posture of a commode.

Regardless of whether is for storing or releasing, does it really belong in the MLS?

Use 'Em Or Lose 'Em

Picture of appliance - does this really help entice buyers?

The MLS limits each property to a fixed number of pictures. Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, this agent makes sure you get your full money's worth.

I Won't Buy This Home Unless

It has both keys for the irrigation system control cover

Pictures of manuals are a sign your home is not worth seeing

Now this is an agent who knows how to capture my attention!

And for those of you who are drawn by the picture to come see the home ... Do Not Remove!

Gotta Love Those Selfies

Bad MLS Picture

Way to go Tiger, you covered your face with the Camera. But we still know who you are ...

Pictures Are Important When Selling Your Home

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. All were used to market homes in the MLS, and I doubt most of the homeowners represented were aware these even existed.

When you hire an agent to market your home for sale, ask him or her to send you a link to the listing with all the pictures included. Don't be afraid to ask for some to be re-taken or removed.

Remember, the pictures WILL NOT sell the house for you, but the wrong pictures might drive away a buyer who would have been interested had the pictures not chased him away.

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