Study Finds Tallahassee Top City For Baby Boomers

Choose Tallahassee As Top City For Baby BoomersTallahassee has been named the top city for Baby Boomers.

Long time readers of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog know that I am a proponent of growth as the fastest way to help restore balance in our real estate market.

While I think higher education could very well be the easiest and fastest growth industry for us to embrace, I believe a close second is working to gain awareness of Tallahassee as the perfect retirement community and top city for Baby Boomers.

Unlike many retirement communities in South Florida and Arizona, I think the attraction that makes Tallahassee so great rests in the fact that we are not specifically a retirement community. You choose Tallahassee to live, not to die. None of those retirement-only communities even made the top-20 on the list, which means Boomers are looking for diversity.

Many of the seniors that I know want to live in a vibrant community, filled with families and people of all ages, and Tallahassee is ideal for Boomers who want diversity.

As long time reader "George" wrote in a recent comment,

Tallahassee - Top City For Baby BoomersEven if just a small percentage of the 70 Million soon-to-retire boomers decide to come to Tallahassee, it would alleviate most of the area's real estate problems.

George was excited to report that he had read the new study by the Washington Economics Group (April 16, 2012) that named Tallahassee as the top destination for baby boomers seeking the next stage of their lives.

Tallahassee Top City For Baby Boomers

According to this new study, which was based upon a recent Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Inc. survey conducted in November, Tallahassee has the most characteristics that Baby Boomers are seeking. The most important of these include "each city’s climate, cost of living, availability of healthcare services, competitiveness of local fiscal obligations and offering of recreational and other amenities."

So basically a new study has come out telling the world what George and the rest of us Tallahasseans already know ... Tallahassee makes for a great place to live, no matter what age you happen to be. If we could land 15,000 to 20,000 new Boomers over the next few years, our real estate supply and demand imbalance would be repaired, and property values could be repaired.

Spread The Word - #1 Top City For Baby Boomers

We all need to do our part by getting the word out about Tallahassee.

Help spread positive articles on Tallahassee through your social networks, and make sure you let Boomers know that we want them here in Tallahassee.You can share this article on Facebook, twitter, and other social networks by using the buttons above.

If you are a Boomer considering moving to Tallahassee, just drop me a note and I'll happily set a time to discuss any questions you might have about the top city for Baby Boomers.

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