Broker Reveals Dirty Little Secret Of The Real Estate Brokerage Industry

Who does your real estate brokerage work for?A while ago, I announced the fact that our old company was no longer, that we have a new company, a new name, with new owners, and most importantly, we are a real estate brokerage in Tallahassee, committed to customer service.

Now at first blush, this should sound very ho-hum for most people, in most industries. Hmmm, a company committed to customer service ... how rare {note: Sarcasm}.

But let me clue you in on a dirty little secret about the real estate brokerage industry.

You ARE NOT the customer!

If you buy a home with most real estate companies, you are not the customer.

If you sell a home with most real estate companies, you are not the customer.


A Real Estate Brokerage Committed To Customer Service

Yep, that's the dirty little secret in the real estate brokerage industry. Everybody will tell you it's all about customer service (and it is), you're just not the customer!

Most real estate brokerages are in a recruiting war for productive agents, so they offer the "moon and the stars" to attract and to retain real estate agents. They are often willing to overlook poor service to you if it means retaining a real estate agent.

When they think of customer service, they really are thinking about how to keep their agents happy. They let the agent worry about taking care of your needs.

And that is where we are different.

We have the best real estate agents in the real estate brokerage business. And they are supported in their efforts to service you, the customer.

And just like any other real estate brokerage, the real estate agents at Joe Manausa Real Estate Manausa & Associates are pivotal to our success. They are the ones the most often deliver our customer service to you, our customer.

But ask any real estate agent at our office and they will tell you, they are not the customer. You are!

Unlike most real estate brokerage companies in Tallahassee, our entire office works as a team, with you as the central focus in what we do.

Maybe that's why we getting so many more customer reviews that our competitors. If you check out what they are saying about us on Google, or CitySearch, or any of the hundreds of other customer review sites, you will see our customers are happily spreading the word.

So, if you need to sell a home in Tallahassee, or buy a home in Tallahassee, just drop me a note and I will set a time to demonstrate our real estate brokerage customer service, focused on you and your needs.

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