How To Get Started In Real Estate As A Career

If you want to know how to get started in real estate as a career, you should first do a little self analysis to see if it is the type of work you will enjoy.

And yes, "work" is exactly what you will find if you want to help people when they need to buy a home and/or sell a home.

So what exactly does a real estate agent do, and what key steps should you take to start a real estate career?

What A Real Estate Agent Really Does All Day

How To Get Started In Real Estate career in Tallahassee

I believe that there are no real secrets in life. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard to be excellent.

Some people might have an easier start than others, but long-term success comes from the daily execution of critical but routine tasks. As I once heard, it's all about "routine things done routinely."

The work of a real estate agent is diverse and busy, but can be sorted by three primary categories of activities. I like to refer to them as the "3 P's" of real estate sales:

Prospecting - These are all the activities that an agent does to find new business. This can include networking among family and friends, internet marketing, cold calling, preparing and sending direct mail, holding open houses or any other activity which might generate a new opportunity to help somebody buy or sell a home. A full one-third of an agent's time should be spent on these types of activities everyday.

Presenting - An agent must be able to clearly communicate to the types of people for which she or he plans to work. Showing properties is only one presentation process sales people must learn. Additional presentation skills are needed for buyer brokerage, listing agreements, contract negotiations, inspection review, and any other process that the real estate agent desires to use in the conduct of routine business practices.

Preparing - These are all the administrative requirements that are needed to support a career in real estate sales. From MLS research to prospecting list preparations, there is a lot of "behind the scenes" work required to keep a real estate agent productive.

How To Get Started In Real Estate - The One Key Step

If the "3 P's" sound like something you might like to do, then you really only have one critical step in getting started. Sure, there are a lot of things you'll have to do first (like going to real estate school, getting your license, joining the local Board of Realtors, etc.), but none of those steps are a critical factor in your success.

So what is that one most-important step?

Choosing a mentor is the most important thing one can do when starting a career in real estate. Our industry is loaded with people who do not earn enough money to survive, so if you plan on being highly successful in real estate, take this critical first step to heart.

If you would like to know more about how to get started in real estate in Tallahassee, just drop me a note to schedule an interview to see what we can do to get you started fast.

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