All Types Are Now Enjoying A Real Estate Career

Our company is growing and we are looking for unlicensed people who might be interested in a real estate career.

There are not enough well trained real estate agents in Tallahassee to handle the work flow that is being generated by the housing market recovery. This means that there are job and career opportunities in real estate that must be filled, so my question is "are they right for you?"

Learn More About A Career In Real Estate

There are both salaried and commission based compensation positions that need to be filled (both immediately and for the foreseeable future).

That means this is a call-out for managers, administrators, and sales people who think their skills could translate well to an industry where the primary customer service focus is geared towards people selling a home and/or buying a home in Tallahassee.

Enjoying A Real Estate Career

You might be interested in knowing that all types of people can succeed in real estate.

It's not just the "natural salesperson" who does well, it is also the organized and customer service oriented type of person who can thrive in this "people business."

In fact, some of the most successful real estate agents in Tallahassee came from non-sales industries such as teaching, nursing, and government service.

Working Where You Live

Real Estate Career Tallahassee FloridaOne of the great things about selling homes is that you can work where you live, and live where you work.

Joe Manausa Real Estate has identified four highly active zip codes in Tallahassee where we would like to add another salesperson. If you live in one of these four zip codes and are interested in finding out more (or know somebody you think would enjoy a real estate career), please let us know immediately.

We are receiving a lot of inquiries from prospective homebuyers and home sellers for properties in Northeast Tallahassee, so please help us spread the "Help Wanted!" message.

It would be very helpful if you would spread this article throughout your social network(s) both online and offline as well.

Electronic Communication Skills Are Critical

One of the most important aspects of servicing people who are making a move is timely communication. In the old days, this meant we needed to keep a bank of phone operators always standing by. But not today.

Today, we are looking for people with excellent communications skills who will utilize mobile technology to gain and maintain contact with people who reach out to us via our highly active Tallahassee Real Estate Website. That means the modern real estate agent does not prospect by "cold calling," rather they must be highly responsive to customers seeking service through electronic communication.

If you or somebody you know might be a fit for us, please fill out the form above and we will schedule a time to answer your questions and help you evaluate your potential for a real estate career.

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