How To Leave A Review On Google

The internet has really changed the way that businesses conduct themselves, both in terms of customer service as well as with marketing and sales.

Anybody who has owned a business for a while will tell you that the best and most consistent form of business comes from "word of mouth," which at first blush might not sound like "an internet thing." But it most certainly is today.

Word of mouth for my business used to mean one person telling another about why they should work with Joe Manausa Real Estate. People looking to sell a home or buy a home would call us and say "Mary Jones told us to call your company to help us with our Tallahassee real estate transaction" ... or something to that effect. That is how business reputation traveled.

But times change.

Now, people are far more likely to "google" a business, rather than simply talking to a friend. Word of mouth has been enhanced by "word of google," which allows a consumer to get multiple opinions on a business rather than just one friend's testimonial.

Leaving a testimonial on Google is not difficult at all, and I've outlined the steps for you to be able to share your story on Google in one minute or less.

How To Leave A Review On Google

If you are happy with our service(s) or would just like to leave a positive testimonial that prospective customers will read, all you have to do is perform a search on Google for the Joe Manausa Real Estate Company, click "Write A Review," select (5) stars :), and then tell the world why they should work with our office, agents, and employees.

Believe it or not, that is all that there is to it. Below, I will take you through the process identified above, by the numbers:

Google Business Review By The Numbers

1. Conduct a search on Google:Go to, type "Joe Manausa Real Estate" in the search box, and you be sent to our company page on Google.

Google Search Box

2. Find the "Write a review" button on the Joe Manausa Real Estate Page. Simply look to the middle right side of the search results page and you will see the button (follow the arrow below).

How To Write A Google Review

Google Account3. Make sure you are logged in to your google account (or you can create one easily on the fly): If you are already logged in to your google account, you can skip to step 4. Otherwise, you will see the graphic on the right. Either log into your account, or create one by clicking the "create account" link.

Contrary to what you might expect, you do not need a gmail account to create a google account. You can create the account with your current email address. Just follow the instructions, wait for google to send you a confirmation email, click a link in that email, and then you can proceed with this step by logging into your new google account.

Google requires this step to ensure that companies do not simply write their own reviews. 

How-To-Thank-A-Company-For-A-Job-Well-Done-On-Google.4. Select the number of stars for your review. I highly recommend choosing five stars when leaving a review, as the results are slanted against anything short of "5". You can still leave an honest review, where improvements could be made if necessary, but choose 5 stars if you were happy with the services of the company.

5. Write your review. The best reviews mention the company name as well as the employee(s) and agents involved. Add something specific that you liked so that people reading the review might get to see why choosing Joe Manausa Real Estate would be to their advantage. For example, you could get some good practice in by leaving a review right now, mentioning the usefulness of this article :). The review does not have to be very long to send a good, strong message.

Thank Your For Your Testimonial

It really does matter, as it helps us spend less time looking for customers and more time servicing the customers that we have. Any business owner can attest to the fact that helping friends of our friends makes for good business.

Testimonial 16Testimonial 9Testimonial 22Testimonial 25Testimonial 2Testimonial 18

Testimonial 18b

 Testimonial 3

Testimonial 4

Testimonial 5

Testimonial 6

Testimonial 7

Testimonial 9

Testimonial 10

Testimonial 11

Testimonial 12

Testimonial 13

Testimonial 14

Testimonial 15

Testimonial 17

Testimonial 19

Testimonial 20

Testimonial 21

Testimonial 23

Testimonial 24

Testimonial 26

Testimonial 27

Testimonial 28

These were just a sample of the reviews we have received thus far. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you have more to add, please follow the steps outlined above to share your review on Google. If this post has been useful, please leave a testimonial on the Joe Manausa Real Estate page on Google referencing this article!


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