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Why Now Is A Great Time For A Real Estate Career In Tallahassee

People occasionally ask me why I chose a real estate career in Tallahassee, especially when they know as an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer in the US Army. The answer is simple ... I was looking for a career when I left the Army, and I wanted one where I could have a lot of control over my own destiny. The Army was a great experience, and I did very well. I had some great assignments and fought in Panama during Operation Just Cause in 1989. But the Army, as with many large organizations, has a career path that often times stifles growth for people who want to make things happen, fast. I chose to leave the Army when I realized that their promotion process was designed to "chop off the bottom," rather than accelerate those of us at the top. 98% of my year group earned our Captains bars at the same time, while 2% did not. I knew I wanted what many people want, a career that allows hard workers to shine right away, and a real estate career in Tallahassee was my choice.

It's A Great Time For A Real Estate Career In Tallahassee

Are-You-Right-For-Real-EstateI have now been pursuing my real estate career in Tallahassee for more than 20 years, and I can say there has never been a better time to get into the business. The internet has changed the way we must perform our "duties" and yet most people that have been in the business for more than a few years have little experience with the concept of email marketing and internet marketing for real estate. The real estate industry needs new people, especially ones who can quickly grasp timely communication with customers through the internet. Now more than ever, home buyers and home sellers need a Trusted Adviser for real estate and Tallahassee has a great need for new agents who can grasp the new technologies that we are employing. Have you ever wondered how successful you could be in a real estate career in Tallahassee? We are looking to add a few hard working, energetic, consumer-centric people to our team. Our internet marketing is generating thousands of prospective customers each year, and we need help delivering the service that today's new real estate market demands.

Skills Required For A Real Estate Career In Tallahassee

There are three important skill sets that real estate agents must possess in the new "online" real estate world.
  1. Prospecting – Prospecting is the most important responsibility you have to your business. A successful real estate agent spends approximately 35% of their time engaged in direct prospecting activities (establishing new customer relationships)
  2. Servicing – These are activities that directly service the client. Examples are: listing presentations, buyer needs analysis, showing homes, etc. A successful agent spends approximately 35% of their time engaged in these activities.
  3. Administration – These activities fall into two categories: Those activities that are required to close a transaction (i.e. inspections) and those activities that are required as a marketing manager and business manager of a company (i.e. emailing newsletters). A successful agent spends approximately 30% of their time engaged in these activities.
Of course, being a great time manager is important as well. A successful real estate agent has a lot of things on his/her plate, and getting them all done takes extraordinary time management skills. If you think this applies to you, I would like to sit down and discuss with you our opportunity for a real estate career in Tallahassee! Just drop me a note and we'll schedule a time to discuss your potential for a real estate career!

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