Year Over Year Home Sales Report

A study of year over year home sales is a quick way to make a snapshot analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market.

We have prepared such a report, and the picture it creates should put a smile on the face of every homeowner in Tallahassee.

Year Over Year Home Sales Report

We use home sales recorded in the Tallahassee MLS to prepare our reports, which means the information is somewhat fluid. Sometimes real estate agents add home sales well after the fact (two more home sales from April were added this past week), so it means that our report might get a little bit better in the future.

Take a good look at how year over year home sales in Tallahassee have evolved.

In the graph below, we compare the number of existing homes sold each month to the number sold in the same month of the prior year. If sales were better, the column is colored green and extends upward showing the percentage gain over the same month in the previous year. If sales declined, the column is colored red and falls downward, also reporting the percentage change.

Year Over Year Home Sales Graph

Tallahassee year over year home sales move higher

If you look towards the right side of the graph above, you’ll notice a whole lot more green than red. This is very good.

There is a very strong recovery trend occurring in the Tallahassee real estate market.

Through April, an amazing 40 months out of the past 45 months have reported year over year gains, while only five posted declines.

To make this clear, only five months have shown declines since July 2012. Tallahassee is in the full throes of a housing market recovery, it’s safe to COME OUT AND PLAY when you’re ready!

And the improvement is not minor. Thus far in 2016, the MLS reports:

Year Over Year Home Sales Changes

  • January: UP 9.1%
  • February: UP 16.7%
  • March: UP 11.6%
  • April: UP 12.6%

And the way we're writing contracts right now, I suspect May and June will be positive too.

The supply of homes for sale in Tallahassee is dropping, and we are seeing values rise in most price ranges. If you are curious about the current value of your home, use the property valuation tool below to get an idea of what is going on in your area.

Online Property Valuation Tool

Of course, if you would like a on-site evaluation with no strings attached, simply TELL ME NOW and we'll contact you to schedule a brief walk through so that we can see the conditions, upgrades and improvements to your home.

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