How Your First Appointment Should Go When Working With A World Class Real Estate Buyer's Agent

If you have bought a home before and now are needing to buy another, this article was specifically written for you.

As an experienced homebuyer, it is important that you do not overlook a major change that has likely occurred since the last time you bought a home.

How Experienced Homebuyers Buy A Home

Most people who start the process of buying a home do so with no specific plan. They just start shopping. And that is fine.

Until it's not.

An Appointment With A World Class Real Estate Buyer's Agent

We encourage homebuyers to use a winning process to ensure that they get the right home, at the right price.

The Head Coach of the Florida State Seminole Football Team often identifies his team's process as the foundation for their on-field successes.

"Process-oriented thinking as opposed to outcome-oriented thinking: Sometimes you want to win so fast you don't know how to win. Our goal is to get the structure of the staff and the support and resources in place to facilitate a winning plan and get players into the structure and start affecting change now." Jimbo Fisher

We believe the same to be true about our business. We have developed a process that was designed to save you money when you buy a home. But that's not all.

Einstein Home Buyer

Home Buying For Smart People

A process designed to save you money when buying a home

Something tells us you’re just … well … smarter than most people looking to buy a home.

You’re not naive, you are looking for a house to call home, and you want to make sure that you love the home you buy, but also get a great value.

In other words, you don’t have to be an Einstein to “get” the home buying process. But you do have to be prepared.

We can prepare you

Most People Unhappy With Home They Bought

If you look at a survey of recent homebuyers conducted by Chase Bank, it found an amazing 80% of those surveyed were not entirely happy with the home that they bought and they wished they had known more about the home buying process before they had purchased the home!

The fact is clear. Homebuyers today have access to information now that was not available in the past, so your experience buying a home might not be current enough to ensure that you are 100% thrilled with the outcome.

The biggest change is that information and data is available and the homebuyers that put this information to its best use have an advantage over the buyers who think they know what they are doing. In other words, the buyers that use a modern home buying process have a distinct advantage over those that do not.

As Jimbo Fisher often states, focus not on the outcome, but the process. If you use a winning process, the outcome will be the one that you desired.

Your First Appointment With A World Class Real Estate Buyer's Agent

If you plan on buying a home within the next year or so, I encourage you to come in and meet with a home buying specialist at the Joe Manausa Real Estate Company.

It is never too early to understand the process, so even if you don't plan a move right away, go ahead and get started on learning the process. You can ENROLL in our Home Buying For Smart People e-Course, or you can just sit down with one of our specialists. Either way, you will be glad that you did.

During your first appointment with our world-class Buyer's Agent, we will show you our step-by-step approach to finding you the right home. It includes discussing how we will prepare an offer for the right home that ensures you pay the lowest price possible, and it outlines the best course of action to ensure that you save money at each step along the way. We will lay out the process that ensures you win in your next home purchase.

Come discover why hundreds of our customers were so blown away by our winning process that they shared their experiences online.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our goal is to ensure that you are completely thrilled with your new home and by following our process you have an excellent chance of joining the small minority of homebuyers who were happy with the home that they purchased.

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