What Happens When You Use The Wrong Home Buying Process

When you decide you want to buy a home, you should prepare to enjoy a fun and exciting home buying process.

Of course, this won't just happen automatically, you must select the right real estate buyer's agent who can guide you through the seen and unseen aspects of the move that often times ruin the experience for other buyers going it alone (or worse, working with a terrible real estate agent).

Today's post was inspired by a reader's question, who now has a problem that was completely avoidable and is seriously considering canceling the purchase and staying in a home she has outgrown.

Unhappy Homebuyer Not Enjoying The Process

I received this email yesterday from a reader of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog who is NOT working with our company.

My husband and I have a contract on a house right now, but the inspection yesterday showed a LOT that I didn't know about and it may cost too much in repairs. I'm waiting on the inspector's written report before making my final decision. It's tough and scary. I just know I want to move from our starter home. It's served its purpose with us. If we decide to cut our ties with this current contract (due to the inspection report), my husband and I may or may not venture down the home search road again. I know it's never a quick and easy process. -Unhappy Homebuyer

Home Buying ProcessThis really breaks my heart, because it doesn't have to be this way.

We want buyers to be thrilled with the process, as buying a home is such a significant event for most families.

That is why we have produced a better home buying process, and the very first thing we do with homebuyers is sit them down and show them how we are going to guide them to the right home, at the right price, at the right time.

When I first read the email shown above, I could immediately see that this poor homebuyer had not been properly prepared and thus has wasted money and "emotional currency" on the wrong home. And it's not the wrong home because of a poor home inspection, my experience tells me it is the wrong home period.

This rarely happens when your real estate buyer's agent takes the time to walk you through an in-depth Q&A designed to help you determine what you are truly seeking. While it's normal for most buyers to have a good feel for what they want, it is rare for them to understand supply and demand and to have pre-determined the order at which they will make compromises when seeking the "near perfect" home.

How To Start The Home Buying Process

home buying | buy a homeIt's simple. Just drop me a note and tell me you want to buy a home and tell me what market where you want to move. If it's in Tallahassee, we'll arrange for you to meet a Joe Manausa Real Estate buyer's agent who will demonstrate our home buying process to you. You will enjoy buying a home!

If you are not in the Tallahassee market, we will use our network of better-trained, consumer-centric real estate professionals and ensure that you are working with a great buyer's agent. We will introduce you to somebody who will first take the time to learn about your needs and wants and help you prepare for a great experience, then go about the home selection segment of the home buying process.

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