Unique Home For Sale

If you are looking for a unique home for sale, I have some great news for you. I have one in stock!

The one thing that every single home has in common is that it is unique; no two homes are exactly alike.

In fact, when people who are getting ready to sell their homes start to prepare, they (almost) all have a belief that their home stands alone and will sell as the result of a negotiation with a buyer (which might or might not be true).

But the educated home seller knows better.

You have to locate a buyer (or preferably several) before any kind of negotiation can begin.

Preparing To Sell A Home

Unique Home For Sale Tallahassee FloridaThe educated home seller understands that we live in a home, but we sell a house. And a house is a commodity that must play by the rules established through supply and demand for similar homes in the Tallahassee real estate market.

Too often, this oversight of ignoring the influence of competition among home sellers allows for poor decision making on the part of the homeowner who would like to sell their home.

Yes, your home is unique. But if you want to know how much money you'll be able to gain from a sale of your home, you need to understand how buyers will go about finding your home.

They will not view your home for its uniqueness, rather they will add it to the list of houses to view based upon its similarities to the home that they are seeking.

That point is so important, it is worth repeating!

Joe Manausa quote They will not view your home for its uniqueness, rather they will add it to the list of houses to view based upon its similarities to the home that they are seeking.

If they choose to make an offer on your home, it is at that point where your home's unique features will help it stand-out among the competition.

Unique Home For Sale

Nobody wants to live in a home that is exactly like everybody else's, but the prudent home seller understands that a home must "belong" to a group before its unique features can be appreciated by a buyer.

The mechanical nature of marketing a home through property search tools on the internet requires the seller and the real estate company to market to the masses while searching for the few individuals that will most appreciate a home. When we market a home as "unique," we are chasing the masses away, and this is a mistake that costs the seller money.

So what does the homeowner do?

Interview several real estate companies and see what they do to attract the masses to the home, and then find out what they do to demonstrate it's unique value proposition so that buyers are willing to pay top dollar. In other words, listen to several real estate listing agents and don't be pulled in by personality and drama, rather focus on their process and what they are going to do to optimize the marketing of your home on the internet (hint: 94% of buyers are using the internet ... it's important!).

Want to know more about using a progressive internet home selling plan to get top dollar when selling a home?

Simply drop me a note and we'll set up a time to show you how your similarities will get you shown, and your uniqueness will get you sold using our powerful internet marketing plan.

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