How Thesis 2 Will Change Real Estate Communication

An important announcement that will have a long-term effect on real estate agents went mostly unnoticed yesterday, and I'm wondering just how long it will take before the impact of Thesis 2 will be felt at the local level.

The good news for people wanting to buy a home and people wanting to sell a home is that Thesis 2 is a communications tool that is going to attract tens of thousands of non "techie" real estate agents to the business of real estate content marketing. Over the next few years, the online library of real estate information is going to explode.

Simply put, Thesis 2 is the tool that will allow real estate agents from coast to coast to enter the world of "pull marketing" and I believe it will enhance consumer knowledge and thus change the way consumers choose to work with a real estate professional.

Thesis 2 Brings Communications Ease To Real Estate

There are relatively few successful real estate agents around the country that feel at ease with the technical world. While they know much about the process of selling a house or buying a house, they are not nearly as comfortable using the internet to attract people to their business.

This means they must rely on fading processes to attract business, such as magazine and newspaper advertising (radio, tv, etc.). Traditional marketing methods cost a lot of money and their impact is waning.

But Thesis 2 will change all of that. Non technical real estate agents will be able to easily produce real estate content. And the consumer is going to be the winner.

Thesis 2 For Content Marketing

Thesis 2 is a Wordpress Theme. But it is much, much more than that.

It is a "control module" for people to create real estate content that answers questions that real estate consumers want covered.

Think of Thesis 2 as a way to connect "what real estate agents know" {VIA Google and the other search engines} to "what real estate consumers want to know."

Imagine something as simple (or nearly) as Microsoft Word that allows real estate agents to create their own website. And not the garbage-laden, mass produced sites being sold to agents every day, but rather unique sites loaded with the information that consumers (and Google) want to know. These unique (literally one-of-a-kind) websites generate tons of real estate leads.

I have had more than 100,000 people read my previous article on Thesis, and it contains some of the background of what this great product has meant for me over the past few years.

But Thesis 2 takes it to the next level. It means that people without my technical background can embrace search engine optimization for real estate, and start tapping into the full potential of the internet.

Thesis 2 Training And Support

Thesis 2 Free Download e-bookThe true hidden value in Thesis 2 is the community of Thesis Theme users around the world.

There is a large Thesis forum where users gather to share tips and advice, and the community produces a lot of great training, Thesis tutorials, and reference materials (like the Nonverbal Website Intelligence report on the left).

Both technical and non-technical people alike will be able to use Thesis to better communicate value to the real estate consumer.

My Advice On Thesis 2

I think every real estate professional needs to do a "be honest" test. If you know that you just aren't going to produce the kind of real estate content that will attract home buyers and sellers, then Thesis 2 is not right for you.

On the other hand, if you have been trying to grow a real online presence, I believe there is no better way to do this then with a website created with the Thesis 2 theme for Wordpress.

And time is of the essence right now. Thesis 2 will be shipping on October 1, 2012, and the new pricing will go into effect. If you buy Thesis 2 before that point (specifically get the Developers version), you will be able to do so at the old price and get FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE.

That is what I chose to do, and I do not regret it. The Developers version allows me to create unlimited websites (I've created more than 50 over the years) without having to pay additional fees for the Thesis 2 theme.

Thesis 2 is not the "end all" for real estate, but it is, by far, the best content marketing and blogging tool available for non-technical real estate agents everywhere. If you know you should be writing your own blog, get your own copy of Thesis 2 and become the best in your market area.

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