I Wanted A Florida Real Estate Agent, But All I Got Was A "Rock"

We are growing again at Joe Manausa Real Estate, and we are truly excited to announce that Ron "Rock" Rice has joined our team and expects to be a top Florida real estate agent.

Our focus on internet marketing for real estate and team based sales operations has attracted the attention of people from all around the world. I get regular correspondence from people who want to know more about excelling as a Florida real estate agent, and many who want to join us.

Florida Real Estate Agent From Ohio

Florida real estate agent Ron Rock RiceRock is the first who has chosen to join us from out of State. He has been involved with sales and sales management for more than 20 years "in the corporate world," most recently in Ohio. Rock feels that he can bring elements of his B2B (business to business) sales experience to our operation as a Florida real estate agent.

Sales fundamentals do not change greatly from industry to industry, so Rock believes he can help improve our real estate service with a focus on those fundamentals.

Additionally, with most people in real estate coming from the local population base, we feel that a Florida real estate agent from outside the area might help us see aspects of our market that were previously unnoticed.

Florida Real Estate Agent Changes

The internet has greatly changed the way we sell a home, thus the education and skills of a Florida real estate agent must evolve to embrace these technologies.

I am confident that Rock is going to help both our existing agents as well as all of our future agents become more proficient at employing the technologies that help us better serve our customers.

If you think you could be a great Florida real estate agent too, then just drop me a note and we can discuss what it takes to get started in an exciting real estate career.

If you are getting ready to hire a Florida real estate agent to help you sell your home, or to help you buy a home, then look no further than Joe Manausa Real Estate because we have the best in the business!

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