Avoid This One Fatal Mistake If You Want To Sell Your Home

I have written numerous articles illuminating the mistakes that are made by most home sellers, but I must warn you about a terrible mistake that will likely cause you to sell your home for less money than you should be able to get.

And like most of the advice that I provide for when you want to sell your home, this fatal mistake is made by homeowners when they go about interviewing agents for the job of selling the home. Take this one bit of advice and you likely will get the top dollar possible when you do sell your home.

Choosing Agents To Interview To Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home - Avoid This MistakeIf you consider yourself one of those people who like to research a problem before you make a decision, then this article was written just for you!

You see, there is a fatal mistake made by homeowners which is not made by the 64% of people who make the biggest mistake when selling a home, this one actually occurs when doing "the right thing" by interviewing multiple agents for the job of selling your home.

You SHOULD ABSOLUTELY interview the best real estate agents in your area before making a decision, I just want to identify a mistake that I see smart home sellers making that you should consider while you are interviewing agents when you want to sell your home.

How To Interview Agents Who Can Sell Your Home

This terrible mistake that I see homeowners make can be found in how they interview the second agent (and following agents) during the process of selecting an agent.

The first agent comes in and gives them information about the market and the marketing process. This establishes a "baseline" of education for the home seller, and then they proceed to interview the following agents.

But when the following agents want to address information covered by the first agent, it is VERY COMMON for the seller to respond with something like "I already know this/understand this.... let's move on to what else you have."

You see, they feel as if they already learned that information from the first real estate agent, so why bother taking time to address the entire home selling plan again?

And that is the mistake.

If you want to sell your home, you have to both educate yourself on the process, but also educate yourself on the preparedness, education, and knowledge of EVERY listing agent. Do not abbreviate any agent's presentation, as what is cut-out might be the very information that identifies that candidate as "less capable" than the initial real estate listing agent.

While it can be tedious to listen to a presentation from A to Z from more than one person, it will also be your undoing when you do not require the later agents to fully brief you on their opinion of market conditions and how their marketing plan specifically addresses the conditions that are most likely going to affect you when you try to sell your home.

When you cut-off the presenter, you unintentionally credit him with all the skills, service, and knowledge of the first presenter.

Recently, we were hired by a home seller who had failed to sell their home with the previous real estate company. Sadly, we had interviewed for the job of selling her home and had presented before any other agent.

We asked her why she chose to work with the other agent, and she said that the other agent was willing to cut their fee to get her business.

We asked if she had spent much time with them and she confessed that our presentation was so informational that she did not feel the need to go into as much detail with them, she just assumed they would do all the things we do as well.

But they didn't.

So six months later, she hired us and we sold her home in 12 days. With a real estate marketing plan that works.

How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Real Estate Company

No matter how well you know a real estate agent, you likely do not know a lot about their company nor the specifics of how they sell a home. I believe that if you are going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars for a service, you should take the time to get your money's worth.

At a minimum, ask every listing agent to show you:

It will be very tempting to assume that everybody has similar answers to these questions, but if you focus as intently on the second agent as you do on the first, you won't be swayed by a sales pitch and you will be able to sell your home for top dollar.

In order to reduce the amount of these presentations that you must "endure," take the time to find the best real estate agents in your market. You can do this online, and the best place to start is at Google.

If you would like help selecting the best real estate agent when it is time to sell your home, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to review your specific home and relocation needs.

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