Housing Inventory Trends In Tallahassee March 2, 2010

Housing Inventory Trends in Tallahassee look mostly good when we observe the following real estate graph. The graph contains a 365 day average (meaning no effects from seasonality) for the following key measurements:

The real question on the table is whether or not the shadow inventory will emerge this year to slow down the progress that we have seen in all of the long-term trends. Of course, only time can tell. My bet is that we will see a lot of properties emerge from the shadows, but if new construction stays slow, this will only slightly slow the progress that we are seeing in housing inventory trends.

In the real estate graph above, the key elements of housing inventory trends are moving in a positive direction. We can see new listings decline (fewer people are putting their homes up for sale), new failures decline (fewer homes are leaving the market after failing to sell), new sales are rising (we are beginning to see more activity in home sales), and new pendings are rising (we should continue to see new home sales rise). All-in-all, a solid report at this time.

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