Real Estate Network Brings World To Tallahassee

Cartus Broker Network LogoThe Cartus Real Estate Network is holding its annual international conference in Desert Springs, California today through Friday in order to bring real estate relocation leaders together from around the world. I was selected to attend again this year my wife decided to come along (something about a hot springs spa...).

The purpose of the relocation industry is to better facilitate the process of moving people from one community to another. When a local home buyer decides to buy a home, so much of the process of moving is not a big deal. But when a buyer from another community relocates to Tallahassee, many more concerns need to be addressed. A relocation expert will make that process go much smoother.

Affinity Partners Assist Home Buyers (And Our Home Sellers)

Joe Manausa Real Estate is very fortunate to be the Principal Broker for the Cartus Real Estate Network in Tallahassee. With this position, we facilitate the moves for people associated with many affinity networks which include some very large organizations such as USAA and the Navy Federal Credit Union. So if you ever wonder where those "out of town buyers" come from ... they come from our friends in the Cartus Real Estate Network.

Cartus Sees Changes In The Relocation Industry

Some of the things that we are discussing at the Annual Cartus Real Estate Network Conference include the changes that are occurring in corporate America that coincide with home prices dropping around the world. In the past, many companies would just "pick up the tab" in a corporate relocation, knowing the closing costs on the sale of the house were very predictable.

With home values dropping, most corporate moves also have employees sitting on homes with negative equity, thus bringing a whole new "cost" to the relocating employee. In the past, many of these companies would offer a "guarantee sale," but today, that is not often the case.

Cartus has found that businesses are seeking new strategies in selecting which employees will be eligible for a transfer. One such new approach is using "early home valuation" to determine the viability of a proposed transfer, and I believe this approach will show the impact that declining home values will have on career patterns for many years to come.

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