Every Home Is A Dream Home To SOMEBODY

If you need to sell a home, then you need to set an asking price that will yield you the most money possible within the time frame that you would like to move.

To do this correctly, you should first understand that every home is a DREAM HOME to somebody.

Dream Home - Every home can be a dream home to SOMEBODY

As a home seller, you singularly hold the power to determine the sale-ability of your home.

If you set an initial asking price that is too high, then you effectively hide the home from the "ready to buy" buyers who are searching a price range online (where your home belongs). For example, if your home is worth $270,000 and you decide to ask $300,000, then a buyer who wants to spend up to $270,000 will likely miss it when searching on a popular online home search tool.

And if you set an initial asking price that is too low, then you get flooded with buyers who will likely get into a bidding war. But "too low" will result in a bidding war with the wrong buyers, as they will not be able to push the asking price high enough to get you top dollar for your home.

By choosing the perfect price, you effectively turn your home into a dream home for everybody who can (barely) afford it.

The Dream Home Formula

I once wrote a popular article titled "Why it's always a seller's market in real estate," and this was during the toughest buyer's market of all time in Tallahassee back in 2010.

Simply put, the seller will control the market for a home simply by the price set on the home. Price it above the market, and there will be no activity from the buyers who are the most likely to pay top dollar for the home. Serious buyers have been shopping for a while and they know what they want, and they know what it is worth. Present them with an over-priced turkey and they do not even flinch. But price it within the better deals in the market and they all pounce. Thus, it is the seller's ability to set the asking price that determines whether the home will be a seller's market, or a buyer's market.

But there is more to selling a home for top dollar than just pricing it correctly.

You have to know WHERE the buyers for the home are most likely to be and you have to understand WHAT those buyers are seeing.

You then take this knowledge and work a marketing plan that exposes the properly priced home to the most people who will likely perceive it as a "dream home."

Wanna Know Why Most Real Estate Marketing Plans Don't Work?

Realtor at work in TallahasseeBecause most real estate agents don't work a plan!

With roughly half the listings in the Tallahassee MLS failing to sell during their initial listing period, you have to wonder if real estate agents are lazy or if they are ignorant.

Who would you rather hire, somebody too lazy to market your home EVERY DAY, or somebody who does not realize that daily marketing is essential?

If neither of those options appeals to you, let us know by making contact with us below. We'll take it from there!

Marketing Your Dream Home For Top Dollar

Here's the biggest secret to the Dream Home Formula.

You have to do this every day! The internet is a fluid market place, you cannot merely "set it and forget it."

At Joe Manausa Real Estate, we like to say "why work with a real estate agent when you can hire an entire real estate company?" This is more than a mere slogan, it is a wake-up call for home sellers who are losing tens of thousands of dollars because they have hired an independent agent who simply does not have enough hours in the day to serve all the needs of all of the agent's clients.

And what needs get dropped? We spend more than 10 man-hours per day marketing our homes online. We do this with a full staff of highly trained marketers. How can a single agent provide the same level of exposure? How much money will you lose when your agent finds nobody (or just one) buyer and you cannot get top dollar from your home sale?

Your home is a DREAM HOME to more than just one person out there. Make sure you get the professional help you need in setting the perfect asking price, and ensure that you get the exposure that will help you achieve top dollar.

If you are planning on selling your home in 2017, simply drop me a note and we'll be in touch right away to help you determine your optimal course of action.

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