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The 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents In Florida

Yesterday, I was honored as one of the "100 most influential real estate agents in Florida" and asked to speak at a meeting of top real estate professionals in Orlando.

There were some really impressive people at the event, and I was able to take in as much information as I was there to share.

Here's my takeaway after a day among the best in our business.

100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents gather in the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents In Florida

Yesterday's meeting in Orlando was an invigorating experience for me. I was asked to share my experiences and practices on many...

WARNING: This Real Estate Scam Costs Buyers A FORTUNE

There is a relatively new real estate scam that is targeting home buyers, and it is highly effective against people who have not been warned.

This con has occurred in Tallahassee several times over the past six months, and I suspect in most other markets too.

Real Estate Scam Warning For Tallahassee, Florida

How The Scam Works

Real estate agents have to coordinate a host of vendors and third-party providers in order to close on the sale of a home.

Often times, we communicate wiring instructions to buyers so that they can either make a earnest money deposit or completely fund a property (for those that...

Zillow Zestimate Missed By A Mile On This One

If you sold your home for forty percent less than the Zillow Zestimate (an online home valuation tool), would you say that you gave it away?

Well, the CEO of Zillow just did this very thing, yet he sold it for as much as he could get in today's current housing market.

So how could this property valuation tool be so inaccurate?

 Zillow CEO's Zestimate Off By 40%

Property Valuation On The Internet

There have been home valuation tools on the internet for many years now, and the one that is most actively advertised is the Zillow Zestimate Tool. Unlike many...

Saying Goodbye To One Great Tallahassee Realtor

Today is a sad day for us at Joe Manausa Real Estate, as we are saying goodbye to a great Tallahassee Realtor.

Andrea Chapman joined us back in 2009 and has served as an exemplary role model for how anybody should go about the business of helping people buy and sell a home in Tallahassee (or anywhere else for that matter).

Her departure is bittersweet, as she and her husband are retiring to another part of the State, but we will surely miss her.

Andrea Chapman

Tallahassee Realtor Andrea ChapmanAndrea came to us with zero background in real estate, other than as a consumer.

But she embraced our team approach to helping customers and very quickly became one of the best...

Expect More Realtors In Tallahassee In 2016

Every so often, we like to examine the production of Tallahassee Realtors in order to forecast industry employment changes in the coming year.

Unlike many industries where the overall market production is an estimate at best, the home selling industry is far easier to track. We merely need to measure production through two separate reporting agencies (in our case, the Tallahassee MLS and the Leon County Property Appraisers Office), and then make a few comparisons.

As I happen to be married to a Realtor in Tallahassee, I'm am excited to report that the average home selling production is on the rise and has reached 6 home sales per person, the highest it has been since November 2006.

Tallahassee Realtors Retain Market Share


Pending Home Sales Increase In March (But Not Really)

The Pending Home Sales Report has just been released by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), and it does not disappoint.

The Spinmaster In Chief, Lawrence Yun, has used this report for many years to tell us why the market is heading higher. In fact, his disinformation campaign rarely changed a beat, even as the US housing market plunged into the abyss of the real estate market collapse.

Since I have not reviewed a NAR Pending Home Sales Report for nearly two years, I felt today would be a good day to depart from our focus on real estate reporting and spend some time in the fiction aisle of the NAR bookstore.

The headline of the March Pending Home Sales Report is "Pending Home Sales Increase In March."


Real Estate Technology And Hustle - A Winning Combination

I remember when the top real estate technology was a fax machine, and it really did have a huge impact on our ability to communicate offers and contracts.

But the job of a real estate agent requires coordinating among multiple people by printing, scanning, faxing, over-nighting documents and perhaps driving across town to get signatures.

Think of it. If a home is sold by a couple, to a couple, then it is likely six signatures are needed to bring about a real estate transaction (including the two real estate agents).

Coordinating all parties has required a lot of effort in the past, and not just during the "nine to five" hours that people would like to work.

But today, there are things happening that are...

Damian Costantino

Tallahassee real estate agent Damian ConstantinoOriginally from Tampa, Florida…..Damian Costantino came to Tallahassee in 1996 to attend school at Florida State University. He earned a business degree and went to work here in the management field for a Local furniture company. After about ten years of managing others in the workplace Damian felt the need for some change…..A new career and a breath of fresh air.

It started out with a seminar on how to invest in the real estate market. Fascinated by the potential financial gains in real estate, Damian forged ahead. After learning and seeing how complex the real estate market could be, he decided to get...

Real Estate Training Has To Adjust For Changing Market

I had a great meeting with my Office Manager and administrators yesterday, and it was primarily focused on revamping our real estate training calendar.

I am proud to have the best trained real estate agents in Tallahassee, but I also know that a changing market requires a change to the ways that we help people sell a home and/or buy a home.

My question to you as a reader is "have you ever considered how much money you save or lose in your real estate transaction solely based upon the real estate training that your agent has received?

Critical Real Estate Training


More Home Sellers Moving With Tallahassee REALTORS

Consumer confidence in Tallahassee REALTORS appears to be on the rise, with greater than 80% of all home sales in Leon County being reported in the Tallahassee MLS.

Homes sold by Tallahassee REALTORS have been rising for three years now, as many of the people who entered real estate sales during the boom of the housing market have decided to move on to a new career.

The real estate graph above shows that per-person productivity had fallen 65% from...

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