Why Tallahassee Truly Is An All-America City

My wife Michelle is not from Tallahassee, but you wouldn't know it by talking to her.

Like many people who live here, Michelle came to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University and ended up marrying a local.

Unlike Michelle, I came back to Tallahassee after serving in the Army for 9 years. I was born and raised here and knew that it was the best place on earth to raise a family.

So with me being born here and Michelle relocating here, I think we bring two different perspectives into why the National Civic League should select Tallahassee from its list of finalists for the 2015 All-America City Award.

National Civic League - All-America City Award

Every year the National Civic League chooses ten cities based upon "outstanding projects that display civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation and impact (the award criteria)." Tallahassee last won this award in 1999.

Are you wondering what you can do to help Tallahassee win the All-America City award? It's easy, just start telling people about some of the great reasons to be in Tallahassee. Use social media to share images and stories that promote the reasons why you love Tallahassee. Include these two hashtags (#Tally4AAC #AAC15) with each post so that others can find them easily.

Choose Tallahassee

Choose Tallahassee ImageEvery year I like to remind our readers about the "Choose Tallahassee" promotion designed to attract Baby Boomers to come (or return) to Tallahassee. With more than 10,000 boomers retiring each day, it's a market filled with potential for Tallahassee.

According to Google, the popular search engine is asked "where to retire" 22,126 times each day in the US alone. It seems as if finding where to retire is a very popular question right now, and we need to get the word out that Tallahassee is a very suitable answer.

There are so many logical reasons that Tallahassee could become a top destination for people who are looking for "where to retire."

Long-time reader of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, "Bill Z" pointed out that there are a lot of reasons to choose Tallahassee, because it is ...

  • not South Florida
  • hilly
  • blessed with four seasons
  • seasonal, but with benign winters
  • oozing "home town feel"
  • not prone to storm surge
  • not provincial
  • relatively sophisticated due to government and the universities
  • where to retire

I still think Bill's list is as all the reasons most boomers would want when choosing a place to retire.

Tallahassee, The All-America City

Tweet: Many reasons that #Tallahassee is an All-America City for those looking at where to retire #Tally4AAC and #AAC15 http://ctt.ec/b69Sf+

Take the time to share the image above on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and any other social media platform that you regularly (or irregularly) use. Remember to include these hashtags (#Tally4AAC #AAC15) so we can overwhelm the selection committee and help Tallahassee earn its second All-America City  Award.

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