Buy Yourself A Home With A Pool This 4th Of July

All homes for sale with swimming pools in Tallahassee on the 4th of July 2019

It's the fourth of July in Tallahassee and it's crazy-hot, wouldn't you be so much cooler if you owned a home with a pool?

Take a look at the 131 homes for sale in Tallahassee that all have swimming pools, and then buy yourself one to celebrate the 243rd birthday of our great Nation.

Pool Homes For Sale In Tallahassee

The following list includes all single-family detached homes for sale in Tallahassee, and it is updated continuously throughout the day (every day).

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4 Reasons To Buy A Home With A Swimming Pool

  1. Cool Points - If you value your social life (and the social lives of your spouse and children) then owning a home with a swimming pool can make you the social center of the neighborhood if you desire. Michelle and I have owned a home with a pool for most of the years of our marriage, and when our children were young, our home was often the place where other kids came to play. It's nice being able to keep an eye on your kids as they end up playing in the backyard more so than other places they could be.
  2. Resale Value - If you have seen any of our reports about the value of a swimming pool, then you know that homes with pools sell for more than those with no pools. But they sell for less than the cost of a new pool, so buying a home that already has a pool is a wise choice. Look at it this way: All the pool homes listed for sale above have already paid the premium for the pool, now future owners will get the benefit of its use as well as its appreciating value.
  3. Health - Having easy access to a pool in your backyard will encourage you to spend more time outside and more time moving around. Whether or not you are a strong swimmer, you will get some exercise just splashing around. You'll also get plenty of Vitamin D from the Sun.
  4. Beauty - Not YOUR beauty, your home's beauty! A well-maintained swimming pool in the backyard looks better than most backyards that do not have pools. It is an attention grabber and I believe makes the entire home look nicer. Most pools have a porch, deck, or patio around them or nearby, making the backyard so much more livable than the typical plants and grass you'll find in a non-pool home.

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How To Buy A Home With A Pool

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