Upgrade Time At The Tallahassee Real Estate Blog

Upgrading-ServersToday is a special day here at the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog. Our site has outgrown our humble beginnings and we are migrating to our own server. In laymen's terms, we got too big fer our britches.

Believe it or not, we hosted this blog on a shared hosting plan through Hostgator, which basically meant we were on the same hard drive and same server as hundreds of other web sites and blogs. It was a great learning process for us, and who can argue with a hosting plan that costs just $6 per month? As those who know us well know ... we have about 100 sites that we run here, and they all work to support our progressive marketing plan. hg But today is a new day. Manausa.com is moving to its own server, so it can handle the growing volume of traffic. We have recorded 26 Million hits so far in 2010, and with our growth, the existing servers would have ground to a halt. We were already starting to slow down, and we were serving up pages too slow to keep customers happy.

The Tallahassee Real Estate Blog is going to be lightening fast by the end of this week. We will not only have our own, unshared resources, we will also be implementing a new CDN solution as well as incorporating an s3 cloud solution from AWS. All this means is that "the stuff" we have for you is going to get to you quicker!+

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