The Importance Of Real Estate Continuing Education

Every other year, the State of Florida requires me to take 14 hours of real estate continuing education to keep my license active.

For somebody with 22 years of experience in his real estate career, the main purpose of real estate continuing education is to ensure that I am familiar with the legal and procedural changes that occur in Florida real estate.

One area that has not changed (which I monitor each year), is the concept of reciprocity (the ability of a licensee in one State to practice real estate in another State without getting an additional license). With the internet making the world such a small place, I've always wondered if we would see the real estate license go the way of the drivers license and be valid across borders.

Real Estate Continuing Education For Professional Growth

While I understand that the real estate continuing education required by the State of Florida is important, it unfortunately does nothing to help train or advance the professional skills of the real estate agent.

At Joe Manausa Real Estate, we recognize the need for advanced training in areas that just cannot be adequately addressed in the Florida real estate continuing education, so we offer it ourselves. It is one of the reason why some of the top agents chose to start a real estate career with us. Some of the topics include:

There is so much more that we cover with our online training and live training classes at our Tallahassee real estate company. But why is this important to you?

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Tallahassee, the quality of your real estate company and real estate agent very well could represent 10-15% for you in the cost of your transaction. Much of this is not easy to see, but that is why better informed, better educated real estate agents are a must when you are ready to move.

Your Personal Real Estate Continuing Education

I spend hours every day enhancing my real estate continuing education. I read numerous articles online daily, and they range in topics that reach beyond the scope of just the Tallahassee real estate market. Why?

Because the advice I provide in my Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter, and my individual consultations with people who need to sell a home require that I stay on top of all of the variables that affect the real estate market.

I encourage you to speak with a real estate agent at Joe Manausa Real Estate, I bet you will be impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. We work hard to be the expert that you need.

Getting A Real Estate License

Before real estate continuing education becomes a concern for people, they first have to get a real estate license. In Florida, the best way to do that is to contact Ed O'Donnell at the real estate school. Everybody I send to Ed seems to pass the Florida Real Estate License Exam on the first try, which is no minor accomplishment.

Real Estate Continuing EducationFREE BONUS!!! - Tell Ed (at The Real Estate School) that I promised you a FREE CD of Exam Questions & Answers when you enroll in the pre-licensing course. I believe I spent an additional $199 to take a "cram course" when I was preparing to take the state exam, and I only purchased the course because it contained the information that you will get for free if you take the pre-licensing course from The Real Estate School.

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