Ready, Set, Grow Tallahassee Real Estate!

Long time readers of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog have seen the company behind the blog go through significant change.

Ownership has changed, company location has changed, and management has changed.

The company has ... well ... changed. We are still all about Tallahassee real estate.

And we are still the Joe Manausa Real Estate in Tallahassee.

Rebuilding The Tallahassee Real Estate Team

In October of last year, we announced that we had shut down the old operation and that my wife Michelle (and now business partner) and I were taking the company in a bold new direction. The processes and systems that we had used since the early 1990s were discarded, and we unveiled a new real estate business model that we feel is built for the internet consumer of today.

We have not tried to grow for the past five years, because our efforts were focused on building new systems and new processes that did not yet exist. Servicing a customer that seeks more information before initial contact required us to rewrite everything we did.

And we have brought about some important changes.

Our Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter is read by more than 3,000 people each month, and our real estate blog boasts the largest readership of any real estate blog in Florida (from what we can see).

Most importantly, our customers are happy and we have a high listings sold to listings taken ratio, meaning that our internet marketing methods have been proven successful.

Tallahassee Real Estate Agent Titus Nixon

And this success has brought the need to grow.

Today we introduce Titus Nixon, our newest Tallahassee real estate agent.

Titus went to school in Tallahassee, and graduated from Florida State University.

With his enthusiasm and winning attitude, we are confident that Titus is going to have a long and fruitful career with Joe Manausa Real Estate.

Help Wanted In Tallahassee Real Estate

We are generating thousands of online inquiries each month, and we must now grow our staff of highly trained Tallahassee real estate agents to service these requests (if you happen to know somebody that you think would treat our customers like gold, please send them this article!).

If you are curious about discovering the benefits of a Tallahassee real estate career, or if you think you know somebody who loves helping people, please drop me a note and tell me how we can start a new path to success for somebody special.

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