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How Real Estate SEO Works To Sell Your Home

Real Estate SEO ResultsReal estate SEO is the name of the game for driving traffic to the listings of homes for sale in Tallahassee. It is why our customers hire us (or actually the resulting high level of sales conversions that we offer).

In order to ensure that we maintain our real estate seo dominance, I have many different Google Alerts set up to monitor the internet activity which centers on the Tallahassee real estate market.

With my focus on real estate SEO (search engine optimization), I know that I have to stay vigilant on the changes that are occurring every day. The alerts allow me to keep up to date with any new sites or new tools that come along.

So this morning I was checking my email and the several alerts that Google had sent my way. One alert is set to show me any new websites who have a competing interest in the Tallahassee real estate market, and I always chuckle when I see a new "boiler plate" site appear. It is so obvious to me that most real estate agents have no understanding of real estate seo when they purchase one of these "packages," as their new site will never draw them any solid traffic.

Real Estate SEO Draws Home Buyers And Sellers

The first thing a real estate marketer should understand is that drawing traffic to one's listings is the key to getting them sold. And real estate seo is the key to drawing traffic.

Since we know that 94% or more of homebuyers are using the internet, and 85% of them use Google or Bing/Yahoo, then we know that it is imperative to have a search engine optimization plan (which we call real estate seo) that helps us rank higher than our competition.

Real estate SEO draws consumers because the search engines see the site as relevant to "Tallahassee real estate." By using a very strong real estate seo platform for my website, I am able to capture the attention of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other key sites on the web. So when people use these sites to search for relevant results, my web site more than likely ends up near the top of their results.

Most real estate package solutions are really just duplications of thousands of other sites across the internet. They look unique (but similar)  to humans due to the  different art work, but Google and the other search engines see right through that. They see the same words used in search engine submissions for Tallahassee, Tampa, San Antonio, Toledo, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc., and give a very low relevance score to that site. Because of this, these boiler plate sites have no chance of every drawing major traffic from the search engines.

How Real Estate SEO Works To Sell Your Home

If you have a home for sale in Tallahassee, then it needs to be listed with the best real estate marketing company in Tallahassee.  We know that 6 in 10 home sellers failed to sell their home last year, so choosing the right real estate company is critical. Every company will put each listing on the large national and international sites, but google is looking for relevant, local sites and that is where it will send people searching for Tallahassee real estate. When they arrive, will your home be featured? Included? or Absent?

If your home is not in the Tallahassee housing market, then drop us a line and tell us you need help "finding the best real estate seo site" in your market area. We know how to look at the actual source code of the site and remove all of those copy-cat sites that won't do you any good. Remember, without regular, unique, relevant search engine submissions, all of those boiler plate sites do is cost money and offer empty promises.

You have real estate questions, we have answers!

How can I help you?

While you do not have to fully understand real estate SEO, you had better ensure the company you hire is the dominant player in your local market. So how do you know?

Just go to Google and search for several real estate related terms (not just one), and the local company that appears the most is the company you first want to interview. Their real estate seo found you, it most likely will find the buyer for your home as well!

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