Rosehill Home Sales

The Army Football Letterwinners Club Reunion is this weekend and my annual trek back to West Point begins today. My "great" golf team has won the tournament 6 out of the last 9 years, and we are heading back up there to take the trophy back from last year's winners. With over 200 ex-football player/golfers, it is a really fun event. A few years ago, we had players representing every decade of Army Football from the 1940s to present.

Today will be a quick post about home sales in Rosehill, a very nice upper-end community on the Northeast side of the Tallahassee real estate market. I had a recent request for sales information for this community and figured I would knock it out before I got out of town.

Rosehill Home Values Have Declined

When we analyze a large neighborhood with plenty of recent home sales, we can look at the square footage of what has sold and compare it with that of the past in order to perform a fairly accurate assessment of real estate appreciation in the neighborhood. But when liquidity is greatly reduced, as we see in a smaller subdivision like Rosehill, there are too many variables that make our recent methodology too loose for great accuracy.

The reason that I point this is is that the following real estate graph is showing Rosehill home values of sold homes dropped 37% from the high reached just last year. But with only 2 homes sold in 2008, and three in 2009, there could easily be lakefront homes versus interior homes, large acreage versus minimal acreage, etc. I would say that this graph is probably accurate in showing depreciation, but I would not rely on it to accurate project that actual depreciation amount.

Rosehill Home Sales

I think the biggest key to see on this graph is that the blue bars, representing the number of homes sold each year, is too small for an accurate assessment of valuations, though I think it does show diminished sales and falling values.

Recent Existing Home Sales In Rosehill

Parcel Address Price SqFt HC Sale Date
192 ROSEHILL DR W $398,900 3,090 3/27/2009
211 ROSEHILL LN $690,000 4,154 2/5/2009
192 ROSEHILL DR W $340,500 3,090 1/31/2009
160 ROSEHILL DR W $820,000 3,835 5/19/2008
278 ROSEHILL DR E $900,000 4,050 2/29/2008
193 ROSEHILL DR W $725,300 3,634 7/10/2007
307 ROSEHILL DR E $860,200 3,999 3/2/2007
197 ROSEHILL DR W $715,000 4,015 3/28/2006
287 ROSEHILL DR E $1,350,000 5,571 1/31/2006
179 ROSEHILL DR W $960,000 4,591 12/30/2005
278 ROSEHILL DR E $939,000 4,050 12/12/2005
168 ROSEHILL DR W $565,000 3,152 9/28/2005
292 ROSEHILL DR E $750,000 3,787 5/18/2005
144 ROSEHILL DR W $1,300,000 5,125 5/2/2005
292 ROSEHILL DR E $750,000 3,787 3/25/2005
168 ROSEHILL DR W $530,000 3,152 9/2/2004
192 ROSEHILL DR W $550,000 3,090 8/12/2004
232 ROSEHILL DR N $698,000 3,777 3/31/2004
192 ROSEHILL DR W $600,000 3,090 1/27/2004
139 ROSEHILL DR W $1,250,000 4,256 1/27/2004
160 ROSEHILL DR W $658,700 3,835 12/9/2003
215 ROSEHILL LN $895,000 4,259 8/25/2003
292 ROSEHILL DR E $657,500 3,787 8/22/2003
317 OAKS WILL CT $600,000 4,414 7/31/2003
214 ROSEHILL LN $600,000 3,076 6/26/2003
232 ROSEHILL DR N $655,000 3,777 5/1/2003
207 ARDEA WAY $450,000 3,430 6/13/2001
165 ROSEHILL DR W $202,500 5,861 11/24/1999
997 ILEX WAY $465,000 4,618 9/30/1999
278 ROSEHILL DR E $533,900 4,050 8/6/1999
205 ROSEHILL DR W $365,000 3,000 7/30/1999
267 ROSEHILL DR N $1,775,000 6,099 6/7/1999
989 ILEX WAY $499,500 3,390 5/6/1999
272 ROSEHILL DR N $600,000 4,515 4/28/1999
179 ROSEHILL DR W $555,000 4,191 3/31/1999
224 ROSEHILL DR N $512,000 3,079 10/7/1998
165 ROSEHILL DR W $175,000 5,861 6/24/1998
260 ROSEHILL DR N $750,000 5,779 6/24/1998
178 ROSEHILL DR W $430,000 3,402 3/26/1998
270 ROSEHILL DR N $380,000 3,593 1/7/1998
233 ROSEHILL DR N $495,000 3,679 1/6/1998
197 ROSEHILL DR W $374,000 4,015 9/26/1997
232 ROSEHILL DR N $422,500 3,777 8/15/1997
210 ROSEHILL LN $426,000 4,514 6/17/1997
209 ARDEA WAY $316,000 2,636 6/12/1997
179 ROSEHILL DR W $393,500 4,191 1/31/1997
234 ROSEHILL DR N $380,000 4,063 1/30/1997
210 ROSEHILL LN $422,000 4,514 7/31/1996
312 BUTEO CT $379,000 4,529 6/24/1996
311 BUTEO CT $203,000 7,519 4/5/1996
192 ROSEHILL DR W $297,000 3,090 6/30/1995
205 ROSEHILL DR W $344,900 3,000 6/12/1995
182 ROSEHILL DR W $242,000 2,555 10/6/1994
178 ROSEHILL DR W $303,000 3,402 7/1/1994
197 ROSEHILL DR W $320,000 4,015 3/29/1993
214 ROSEHILL LN $279,900 3,076 3/8/1993
193 ROSEHILL DR W $260,000 2,952 10/3/1991
182 ROSEHILL DR W $235,000 2,555 7/8/1991


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