Residential Sales Trends In Tallahassee April 6, 2010

Residential sales in Tallahassee continue to trend upwards since the bottom of the market was hit in August of 2009. Falling home prices are enticing more buyers into entering the market and both trends look to continue for the foreseeable future.

The following real estate graph shows residential sales trends by measuring unit sales and average prices of single family detached homes, condominiums, and town houses in the Tallahassee real estate market.

In the real estate graph above, the blue vertical bars represent the average number of homes sold each month, while the red line shows the average home price for the past twelve months. Currently, the one-year falling trend of home prices has hit $187K, while the average number of homes sold each month rose to 271.

Don't be surprised to see falling home values, but rising average home sales prices in Tallahassee once the housing tax credit expires. As the lower end of the market loses the stimulus, it is only logical to assume the market ratios will return to normal levels, thus making it appear as if home prices are rising.

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