Real Estate Blog Feedback Is Critical

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our Tallahassee Real Estate Blog readers who have sent in comments regarding the launch of our new website!

The one constant theme we have adhered to since this blog was created in 2007 was that our readers would guide the direction of the content. This would not be the typical "now is the time to buy a home" spew that can be seen on the few real estate blogs in existence.

Our aim is to provide the information and content that people buying and selling a home in Tallahassee want to read. Rather than assume that we know what you want, we ask for your feedback, and we listen.

Blog Feedback Matters!

Real Estate Blog FeedbackLoud and clear! We've heard what you been saying.

Keep it coming. Positive, negative, neutral, insightful, wish-lists ... we want it all.

We want to deliver the best real estate website on the internet, and we believe that your feedback will get us there.

Tallahassee Homes For Sale

You want a property search tool that is timely and accurate.

You want to see all the tallahassee homes for sale and you don't want a bunch of sold homes mixed into the results simply because the site isn't current and updated.

In order to facilitate this, we had our programmers create our own Tallahassee MLS solution. We do not rely on IDX plugins like so many other websites, we have our own solution that updates 96 times per day. How's that for current and fresh?

70% Of Property Searches Are Mobile

If you are older than 40, this might surprise you ... 70% of home searches are now completed by mobile devices and this website is made to support this.

As we wrote in yesterday's post, our site is responsive to the devices that our readers are using, and they are using all sorts! You want to search all the homes for sale in Tallahassee, and you are most likely doing it while away from your home computer (if you even still have one). I have to admit, I'm still old-school and like my computer... but we didn't build the property search tool for me!

Bogus Information

We've had requests for features that some other sites provide ... and we're not going to implement them unless we know we're giving you accurate information. Here are a few things that people have requested that exist on most property search tools, but in reality are not even close to being accurate:

  1. How long has this property been on the market? Do you really want to know how long the current entry of this listing has been on the market? Or do you want to know how long the property has been available for sale (regardless of how many times it has been listed and re-listed by its agent?). What about properties that have been listed by multiple companies and multiple agents? The fact is, nobody is correctly wading through the data to tell you how long a property has been listed for sale. One that says it's been on the market five days could really be five days into a new version of a 3 year old listing. So bogus data is spewed and readers think they are looking at something new to the market. We won't do that.
  2. Price reductions ... how much have they come off their initial asking price? Similar to the problem above, most agents cancel a listing and create a new one when a price reduction occurs. So a property that has been reduced by 15% often times appears as "new" to the market. Real estate blogs and websites that show you price reductions are only showing the reduction for the current listing version ... and that means it is not valid. We track this greatly and produce reports to show real market time, but the problem is too vast to implement it (in our search tool results) at this time.

One-Click Navigation

One thing for sure is we all like our information fast. If you hover over our navigation links at the top of this page, you will see "MEGA MENUS" that serve up more than 100 1-click pre-saved searches. Why are they there?

Because they were the most used feature on our last real estate blog and we know the majority of our readers will want them today. With a single click of your mouse, you can be looking at homes in a specific niche of the Tallahassee real estate market. Some examples include:

We have hundreds of MEGA MENU links, and your suggestions will enable us to add even more. Take them for a test-drive, then tell us the ones we need to add!

Again, thank you for the feedback that you have provided, and keep it coming! We are working around the clock to bring the features of our new real estate blog and website to you.

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