Real Estate Agent Training Helps Consumers

Joe Manausa Real Estate topped all real estate companies again as it was recognized as the top training company in the real estate brokerage industry. For home buyers and home sellers, it means that the agents and staff that they work with at Joe Manausa Real Estate are better prepared to assist them during these difficult times in the housing markets around the country.

Joe Manausa Real Estate Real Estate LLC, the franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, was ranked No. 84 this year, the highest ranking for a real estate brokerage company, and has been in the Training Top 125 in 7 of the last 9 years. Joe Manausa Real Estate was praised for its strong commitment to delivering world-class training tied directly to production results for sales professionals affiliated with its real estate franchise organization, among numerous other achievements in professional development. The Joe Manausa Real Estate training organization received high honors for its agent training, skills-based training, tracking of activities and productivity, and management training that incorporates best business and real estate practices.

Picture of Real Estate Training In TallahasseeIn Tallahassee, Joe Manausa Real Estate has always been recognized as the top training company. In addition to all of the excellent online training courses offered by the Franchise, we also feature three training events per week in our office. Our commitment to training has only strengthened at a time when most real estate companies are cutting back in every department.

Customer Focused Real Estate Training

Prior to the computerization of the real estate industry, training was primarily focused on 2 issues important to real estate brokerage companies. These skills were (are) the basic building blocks for delivering great real estate brokerage services to the real estate customer.

  1. Contract Knowledge - Still very important today, this basic training is a must for both new and experienced agent. Learning all of the forms and documents allows a real estate agent to confidently guide both buyers and sellers through the myriad of obstacles that surface in a real estate transaction.
  2. Selling Skills - Traditional companies that had any type of training typically focused the majority of it on selling skills, as real estate brokerage is a selling business. Sales training teaches new and experienced agents how to better communicate with the customer.

Computerization and the growth of the internet has completely changed the marketing processes that occur in home sales. Agents must have a new set of skills that were not needed in the 1990s, and the real estate agents who are not "learning agents" are seeing their traditional success going away.

Internet Marketing For Home Sales

The real estate industry is slow to change. For years, we have seen more and more consumers choose the internet to begin their home search, yet traditional real estate companies continue to expend their resources in print media, television, and other low-benefit procedures.

The National Association of REALTORS® reported this year that 94% of home buyers utilized the internet in their home search, and that means real estate companies have to excel at using the internet if they are to give their home selling clients the best chance to sell their home.

It is no longer "enough" to have a web site, real estate companies have to drive traffic to their sites. Joe Manausa Real Estate recognizes this change, and our training is producing better agents to handle the challenges of internet marketing in home sales. We recognize that traditional shopping methods have changed, thus our market methods are changing in parallel.

It always amazes me when experienced agents discontinue training, as if the world is no longer changing. We know that we can never get to a point where we "know it all." Our industry, just like most others, is changing at a higher rate of frequency than ever before.

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