Lou Jerrett - Highly Recommended

Lou Jerrett Tallahassee Real Estate RealtorAccording to this "clients" Realtor, Lou Jerrett comes highly recommended.  As part of the Joe Manausa Real Estate Relocation Team, Lou often works with buyers moving to Tallahassee.  A recent buyer found Lou to be "excellent" in:

  • Responsiveness to requests
  • Able to address problems
  • Knowledge of the Tallahassee Real Estate Market
  • Keeping buyer informed on the progress

The buyer also felt that Lou was very quick in answering calls and commented:

Would highly recommend my agent, Lou Jerrett

If you would like to work with a Tallahassee Real Estate Professional, call Lou Jerrett.  We recommend him...highly!

Lou Jerrett
(850) 386-2001

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