Tallahassee Foreclosures And Lis Pendens January 16, 2010

Banks continue to accelerate the pace of foreclosures in Tallahassee. 2009 was an all-time high year for both lis pendens filings as well as foreclosure sales., but it was not until the final half of the year that the banks pushed to get these delinquent assets off of their books.

The following real estate graph shows the trend of foreclosure sales in Tallahassee and compares these to the trend of lis pendens filings. The resulting ratio (blue line in graph) shows what percentage of lis pendens filings result in a foreclosure sale. Currently, the Tallahassee real estate market is trending to 23% and rising.

Real Estate Graph Of Foreclosures And Lis Pendens In Tallahassee

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