IMHO Is Just A Difference Of Opinions (IMHO)

It's just a difference of opinions (IMHO).

That's what I was told by a part-time "real estate expert" who disagreed with me the other day on a real estate specific topic. Of course, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with me, just give me some basis for the disagreement. Don't tell me we have a difference of opinions on something that is easily measured.

For those of you who don't spend much time online in forums and communities, IMHO is an abbreviation used often in comments and stands for "In My Humble Opinion;" And it rarely comes from somebody who is being humble.

If I say foreclosures are on the rise, I also back it up with data that supports my claim. This is not an opinion, it is my professional interpretation of factual data.

Now if I said I like red houses more than I like blue houses (sorry Dad), that would be an opinion.

And we all know that opinions are like noses ... we all have one.

What amazes me is when people who hold themselves out to be experts and treat issues such as real estate supply and demand as an opinion based topic.

But I read it every day. Real estate agents write something like "I think the real estate market is getting better because [Insert Verbal Vomit Here] ... IMHO."

The internet has given the world a wonderful platform from which to communicate, share and grow, but it has also leveled the playing field between experts and those who just have an uneducated opinion to share. So why should this matter to you?

Market Knowledge Matters IMHO

Opine From The Soap Box IMHOIMHO, knowledge of the real estate market is worth money in the pockets of somebody selling a home and/or buying a home.

If you hire anybody less than the expert in your local market, than the advice you receive during negotiations is flawed by the fact that your expert is not as prepared as he or she needs to be.

Knowledge of the market is the information needed to know to determine just how well a home is priced (for a buyer), and for a seller, just how strong an offer is from a buyer.

In this market, can you really afford to be ill-prepared?

My IMHO Guarantee

When you work with Joe Manausa Real Estate Manausa & Associates, you are working with a company that lives and breathes the Tallahassee real estate market. We will give you the edge in the negotiation, because (IMHO), you will know more than the party with whom you are negotiating.

Nobody studies the market as vigilantly as we do, and you can test us any time.

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