Don't Be A Hovering Home Seller

There is nothing so annoying to a homebuyer than a hovering home seller.

And save for poor marketing and improper pricing, nothing will keep your home from selling more than being that homeowner who won't give a moment of privacy to the people and real estate agent showing your home.

Hovering Home Seller Stops The Selling Process

The first thing I would tell a hovering home seller is that you are destroying the home selling process.

People do not show up at your home and just buy it (most of the time), they have to go through a process of combining the things they like about it with the compromises they have to make about the things that are not perfect for them.

Hovering Home Seller

But when you won't give them privacy, most people are far too polite to point out the things they do not love about your home.

As a hovering home seller, you stop them from sharing their negative thoughts with the real estate agent, therefore the agent cannot help them determine how they can still buy your home despite it not being exactly what they seek.

A hovering home seller creates an environment where buyers just want to leave the house as soon as possible, and that is not conducive to the home selling process.

Don't Be A Hovering Home Seller

The hovering home seller exists in many of the homes for sale in Tallahassee, and the condition exists far more often than just the initial home showing. If you have a home for sale, consider this critical advice for your role in the sale:

  • Do not be present during the home showings
  • Do not be present during subsequent home showings
  • Do not follow the home inspector around; wait for the report at the end of the inspection
  • Do allow buyers who have an offer/contract on your home to come back without you being home
  • If you have pets, arrange for the pets to not be a concern to the buyers when they visit

Remember, if you want to get top dollar when you sell a home, you want to do everything and anything possible to create the largest pool of buyers to see the home.

Ensure that you're not a hovering home seller, and take the time to study our Definitive Guide For Selling A Home Today.

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