Housing Inventory Change Trends March 31, 2010

By closely monitoring the short term housing inventory trends in the Tallahassee housing market, we see evidence that the number of homes for sale has started to grow again, as home sellers begin to enter the spring selling season.

What this means is that over the past 30 days, more homes have entered the market than have departed. Real estate inventory levels have risen. The short term inventory trends help identify current seasonal changes, if any.

The graph above shows new inventory in red, departing (homes that sold, expired, canceled, etc.) in green, and the difference is shown in yellow.

When the red is higher than the green, we see short term inventory trends grow, while when all we see is green, housing levels fall. Right now, the pattern is showing seasonal growth.

This is consistent with prior years, where inventory growth was normal through the month of May or June at the latest.

Look for seasonal growth to continue and put more pressure on home prices. While this short term inventory trend increase is normal, we really need the reduction to return so that we can continue whittling away at the glut.

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