Is There A Stalker Looking At Homes In Your Neighborhood?

Is there somebody lurking around the homes in your neighborhood who does not (yet) belong?

I'm betting there is.

Of course, I don't mean somebody like Michael Myers of Halloween fame or Jason Vorhees from Friday The 13th, rather it's somebody who seems to be keeping a close eye on the real estate in your Tallahassee neighborhood.

Just Who's Stalking Homes In Your Neighborhood?

New home on the market in Tallahassee FloridaSo if it isn't a slasher or creepy Halloween figure, just who is lurking around homes in your neighborhood?

Believe it or not, it most likely is the very person most willing to pay you top dollar for your home.

Throughout the years, the first person to call on a new listing in a neighborhood has traditionally produced the best buyer for the property owner. Why?

Because they have been wanting to move there for a long time, and have not yet found the right home. They monitor all of the listings of homes in your neighborhood, just waiting for somebody to come onto the market and provide them the entry point for which they have been longing.

They Know The Homes In Your Neighborhood

And that is why you need to understand the importance of the initial asking price you put on your house when entering the market.

This stalker knows all about the homes in your neighborhood, and he won't be tempted to pay more than it is worth.

But he's also not going to let a good buy get away, so hitting the market at the "right" price is so vital to selling your home to this best buyer.

Don't lose the stalker to your neighbor! This is a very competitive housing market, and there are still far more sellers than buyers.

If you want to know the perfect asking price for your home, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to discuss how to make yours the best of all homes in your neighborhood.

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