Home Sales Failures In Tallahassee March 1, 2010

Home sales failures are not something that most homeowners consider when they are deciding whether or not to move. Who would have thought that somebody wouldn't want your beautiful home? Well, the fact is that over 76% of the homes that were put into the pool of homes for sale in Tallahassee over the past 365 failed to see the home sell.

In the graph above, we can observe that while the home sales failures rate has been dropping, it still is above where it was this time last year. There is no seasonality issues in this data, as each point on the graph represents a 365 day trend. Look for the potential of a reversal in trends if inventory begins to rise.

I wish I had data on this going back to 1992 like I do with some of my other reports, that way we could know what the "normal" percentage would be for home sales failures. What we do know is that since December of 2008 the rate has been above 70%, and even above 80% for a period of time. Homeowners need to know that the supply of homes make competition fierce for the relatively few buyers out their in most of the price ranges.

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