Don't Let A Frankenstein House Scare You From This Buyer's Market

Surely you have seen or heard about the movie of the man-made monster, but have you also heard about the Frankenstein House?

In the movie, eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein creates a grotesque creature by assembling and then reanimating body parts from multiple dead people.

In the real estate market, cautious buyers are looking at numerous homes and assembling all of their favorite features of each home.

This home that they seek, a mythical house, pieced together by all the favorite parts of houses that they've viewed, has them hoping the perfect house is out there.

Frankenstein House Misleads Ready Homebuyers

Frankenstein House Finder

Here's how it happens.

You go see house #1, and you really love the kitchen.

Then you go see house #2, and you really love the back yard.

Finally, you see house #3 and you love how big the rooms are.

You then decide that's exactly what you want. A house (in your price range) that has the perfect kitchen, the huge backyard, and the big bed rooms. Of course, you also want a deal on it too. Alas, you have built a Frankenstein house.

Avoid The Frankenstein House By Setting Priorities

Doctor Frankenstein HouseThis happens to the best of people.

It happens due to a lack of a home-buying process that ensures you know which of your priorities is most important, which features you are willing to pay for, and which ones you will likely forego in order to maintain your predetermined spending limit.

It's all about being organized and using a smarter process to buy a home.

A Frankenstein house is not born, it is created. One does not exist in the real world, rather only in the minds of unprepared and unsuspecting homebuyers.

These monsters have been know to confuse and scare prospective buyers, causing delays and unhappy moving experiences. Don't be the next victim in the house of Frankenstein!

If you are thinking about buying a home and would like to avoid creating a scary Frankenstein house, then simply drop me a note and we can schedule a time to build the perfect home buying plan for you and your family.

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