Getting A Home Sold In 2011

Getting-A-Home-Sold-In-TallahasseeRegardless of the economy, we can usually expect to see the most activity in the Tallahassee real estate market from late February through June, as this early part of the year has historically shown to be most fruitful. This is important information in regards to getting a home sold in 2011, because the prospects for a full housing market recovery have been laid to rest.

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Focus On Getting Your Home Sold

This is the time of year many home owners in Tallahassee choose to put their home on the market. With Spring just around the corner and the weather beginning to brighten, homes often look best in the next few months. In order to help home sellers take advantage of the increased opportunity for sales in the next few months, we have created videos which answer to very important real estate frequently asked questions.

How Much "Negotiation Room" Should I Add To My Asking Price?

This question is fairly common from new home sellers who have not sold a home in the past few years. Since nobody wants to "leave any money on the table," it makes sense that asking a little bit more than you are willing to take would guarantee getting the best price possible .... right?Well, watch this video and discover a paradigm shift on how the internet is changing the way we sell homes today, and that by understanding how to best price your home can get you sold quicker and with more money to show for it as well.Pricing a home has never been more important than it is today, and this video will help you understand exactly what to do.

This next video answers the most frequently asked question in real estate in 2010. Sadly, 60% of homeowners who decided to sell their home in 2010 and subsequently listed their home for sale actually failed to sell! Can you imagine hiring a REALTOR to sell your home and knowing you have less than a 50/50 chance of it selling?

Why Is My Home Not Selling?

This question stems from the frustration of knowing that your home should have been sold in the time frame in which it has already been marketed to the public. The sign is in the yard, the ads are in the paper, yet nobody seems to want to buy your home!Moreover, your real estate agent is not bringing buyers to see the home anymore. What is a frustrated home owner to do?This video conducts a quick overview of Marketing 101 and identifies the two most-likely culprits involved in your home not selling. Review the video and see if they apply to you.

I hope this videos have helped you better understand what you need to do in order to sell a home in 2011. Getting a home sold does not need to be the headache that many have found, it just takes a little planning and some smart decision-making for you to be on your way to moving. If you watch our video on using a Progressive Marketing Plan to sell your home, you will have the final pieces of the puzzle.

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