Where Will Buyers Get The Money To Buy A Home In 2017?

When it comes to buying a home, the greatest issue for the majority of buyers is from where to get the money.

Roughly 1 in 4 can pay cash, so that means the remaining 75% of homebuyers need another source of capital.

Many banks and mortgage companies exist solely for the purpose of making home loans, but not all "bank" loans are the same.

We can figure out where homebuyers in 2017 will get their money with a close examination of where buyers in the past were able to find theirs.

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Where Buyers Get Their Money

Our first graph shows that in 2016, 97% of homebuyers obtained the money they needed to buy a home from either cash, conventional financing, FHA financing, or through a VA loan. When you throw in USDA loans and owner financing, 99% of all purchases have been accounted for according to the Tallahassee MLS.

Home Buyer's Source Of Funds In 2017

This means that all other sources of funds make up less than 1% of the closings that occurred in 2016.

Average Home Price By Loan Type

It's also important to see which loans are being utilized by people at different price points.

The following graph shows the average home price that was purchased by each of the major loan types. It's probably worth noting that this is not the average loan amount, rather it's the average price of the homes being purchased.

Average Home Price By Loan Type 2016

A quick read of the top two graphs show that one half of all mortgage loans (on average) are conventional financing to purchase $250K homes.

Historical Sources Of Money For Homebuyers

The previous two graphs utilized information from home sales thus far in 2016, but the following graph allows us to see where buyers have historically obtained their money to buy a home. Do you see anything that immediately catches your eye?

Historical Sources Of Money For Homebuyers

While this may be an overly simplistic conclusion, I suspect we could link the creation of new conventional loan programs to the bubble that occurred in the Tallahassee real estate market back 13+ years ago.

The blue bars in the graph above show the percentage of real estate purchases made with conventional loans. What is now 50% of the market was well over 80% for a period of four straight years.

It suggests that the growth in the market was due to financing, not equally shared between cash and financed buyers. The red line shows the cash buyers, though not fewer than normal, certainly a much lower percentage of all buyers in the market.

Are you concerned that we are heading back towards a bubble market?

Buying A Home In 2017

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