Have You Seen The Hot NEW Listings In The Tallahassee MLS?

The newest listings in the Tallahassee MLS do not last very long if they are priced right.

In fact, sellers who use an aggressive marketing process can get multiple offers BEFORE the home hits the market, so ready-buyers should always take a quick peak at the newest listings so as to not miss anything special.

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Newest Listings In Tallahassee

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The homes listed for sale above are all the MLS listings that were entered within the past 7 days.

For those of you who visit our "Just Listed" page regularly, you might like this because it shows more homes. The "Just Listed" page only features homes that have hit the market within the past day, so homes drop off that page very quickly.

This page on the other hand shows new listings for a longer period of time. But let's think about what this means ...

Why Doesn't A New Listing Sell Right Away

There are really only three reasons that a new listing does not sell within the first few days of hitting the market. Sellers are often misled to believe that it takes months to sell a home, but the reality for the majority of homeowners in today's Tallahassee real estate market, homes can and should sell right away (think hours or days, not months or years).

While it might seem counter intuitive, evidence continually proves that fast sales net sellers more money than do slow sales. Even when Tallahassee was in the middle of a horrific buyer's market, we were showing sellers how to sell a home in 4 to 14 days in order to get top dollar for their home.

Three Reasons That  A New Listing Does Not Sell Right Away

If a home has hit the MLS and has not sold within the first few days (or even up to two weeks), we know one or more of the following three points is the issue.

  1. The home has been poorly marketed across the internet - [Read About Internet Marketing For Real Estate]
  2. The home is in a low liquidity market - [Read About Liquidity In The Housing Market]
  3. The home is over-priced - [Read About Pricing A Home To Sell For Top Dollar]

That's it. Those are the reasons that homes do not sell. ALL other reasons are really priced related. Here are few of the other reasons that you might be told, but I have provided an "interpretation" for each stated reason:

  • The bedrooms are too small - "For the price being asked, buyers expect larger bedrooms"
  • The condition of the home is poor - "For the price being asked, buyers expect the home to be in better condition"
  • The home needs a formal dining room - "For the price being asked, buyers demand a formal dining room"

Obviously, there are hundreds or thousands more reasons that we could have used, but you get the picture.

If there is adequate liquidity for a home and it is properly marketed across the internet, it should sell right away. If not, the owner has priced it above the market and must wait until its price is "in the market."

Smart sellers hire market experts who can show them the "magic line" in pricing the home that gets multiple buyers competing and bidding-up the price on the home.


With the rare exception for homes that must be marketed in a low-liquidity environment, homes that take longer than 4 to 14 days will likely yield less money for the home seller than a home sold within the proper time frame.

Give us a try, talk to us about the "why" of this, and we'll start by taking a look at the current inventory of homes like yours that are listed for sale in Tallahassee. Whether you want to sell your home now or sometime in the future, our meeting will help you prepare to get top dollar for your home.

If you would like to know more about one of the newest listings in the market or becoming one yourself, simply drop me a note and we'll be in touch right away.

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