How To Sell Your Home In 4 To 14 Days

Home Sold In 4 To 14 Days ImageYou should plan to sell your home in 4 to 14 days, or you are crazy to enter today's real estate market with a home for sale in Tallahassee. Home values are still dropping, so the time that you waste with a poor marketing effort is time that your home is falling in value. Home sellers need to make a deliberate decision on what they plan to do with their home, and then ensure they do everything possible to achieve success.

Deciding not to enter the market is very wise for sellers who really do not HAVE TO sell a home. If living in the home another five to seven years is a realistic alternative to moving, then you can spare yourself the time and expense of being in a market where roughly 60% of the homes are failing to sell. The market won't be ready for you next year either, as values will be even lower, but the market will return. One recent case study shows housing market equilibrium in 2018.

How To Sell Your Home In 4 To 14 Days

If you are somebody who needs to sell a home, and you cannot wait five or more years to sell your home, then you must be a very knowledgeable home seller when you decide to sell your home. You can get your home sold fast, at its highest possible price right away, and avoid the trap that is causing 60% of home sellers to fail in our current housing market. You just need to follow these key tips:

Market Research - Don't just call a friend who is "in real estate," and ask them to "list the home" and hope that the "same old stuff" will get your home sold. Times have changed. Technology is now a critical element in the sale of your home. Before you call anybody (except me of course :)), go to your favorite search engine and start searching common real estate search phrases to see which REALTOR® continuously ranks near the top for those search strings.

Dominant Internet Marketing Plan - You should choose the REALTOR® who dominates the internet in your local housing market. Often times, people mistakenly think that selling a home is all about "exposure." The fact is, exposing a home all over the internet, but failing to miss the key methods and locations where known "ready buyers" are shopping, is a waste of time. You can get all kinds of reports about "hits" and traffic on a website, but your real estate agent should be able to show you THEIR WEBSITE is drawing the most READY HOME BUYERS. There are millions of people each day that go to the big aggregate sites, yet millions of people are not buying a home each day. Make sure your property is featured on the highest trafficked regional real estate website where ready buyers are known to be making their purchasing decisions.

Pricing Your Home Strategically - Pricing a home has never been more important than it is today. Some of the "tricks of the trade" of the past actually work against you now, so make sure your REALTOR® explains all of this to you. Ready buyers are choosing a price range, but you get to choose your competition if you have a savvy, strategically sound pricing plan. Remember, values are dropping, so "testing the market" for a few months will likely cost you a few percent in your final sales price.

Overview Of How We Plan To Sell Your Home In 4 to 14 Days

I produced an overview of the plan we use to sell your home in 4 to 14 days. It provides a broad explanation of what we do and how we do it, and you can learn a lot from this video. If you like the video, please "click through" to YouTube and leave a comment or give it a "thumbs up." Remember, some happy home sellers in Tallahassee are using this plan, and they are selling their homes fast! You can be one of them if you follow these simple steps when deciding to sell your home.

How To Sell Your Home In 4 To 14 Days

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