Why Your Home Is Not Sold

Want to know why your home is not sold? All it takes is a simple review of Marketing 101 For Real Estate to know what questions to ask of yourself and your real estate agent.

Why Your Home Is Not Sold ImageEverybody knows that the current housing market is as tough as anybody can remember. Last year, roughly 60% of the homes that were listed for sale in the Tallahassee MLS failed to sell, leaving a large group of home owners who are rightfully upset. If you are one of these homeowners and you really need to get rid of your current home, then you must take control.

First, you must understand why your home is not sold, then you have to take actions to remedy the situation. The following real estate frequently asked question video explains the basics of marketing 101 and what needs to happen to get a home sold in today's competitive housing market.

Why Your Home Is Not Sold - Real Estate FAQ Video

The Four Components Of A Solid Marketing Plan

As was explained in the real estate faq video above, there are four key components of a solid marketing plan. By verifying that each has been optimized, you can get your home sold right away in nearly every housing market in the US.

  • Product - Make sure your home is in tip-top shape, the best it can be.
  • Distribution - Location is set, not something you can control (but you can promote the benefits).
  • Price - Pricing is more important today than ever, learn all you can about pricing your home to sell.
  • Promotion - 94% of homebuyers are on the internet, ensure that you understand what a progressive marketing plan is and why it must be implemented to get your home sold.

Expired Book


Yes, you failed to sell your home. But that does not mean you have a home that is tough to sell, it just means you started off without having the right plan. By following the guidance in this booklet, you can get your home sold and move towards the goal which you were seeking when you first put your home up for sale.

I promise if you read this booklet cover to cover and follow its advice, you will not fail again. Tell us to whom and where you would like us to send our 60-page booklet for home sellers.

The video explains the four components in greater detail and these are the essence of why your home is not sold and what you can do about getting it sold immediately.

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