How WE will sell your home

How To Sell A Home In A Highly Competitive Housing MarketListen up wanna-be home sellers, because this is how WE will sell your home. No, I don't have a problem with my "Caps Lock" button on the keyboard, I just wanted to emphasize that selling a home is not a "Me" thing, or a "You" thing, rather it is "We" thing.

If you want to sell your home, you have to understand who plays what rolls. This is obviously not well known, as roughly 60% of the homes listed over the past year failed to sell, so pay close attention and it won't happen to you!

The title "how WE will sell your home" emphasizes the fact that selling a home creates responsibilities for the home seller as well as the real estate agent and company. Think of it as the inside team and the outside team.

Marketing 101 For Home Sellers

The following is a small piece that I published in June of 2008, and it is just as true and current today as it was two plus years ago. It breaks down the job of marketing your home to sell into four key areas of concern, and all successful marketers know and live by these.

Real Estate Marketing 101 Pie Chart
  • Product Mix - When we market your home, it needs to stand-out from its competition. Buyers have a lot of options today, so make sure that your home is clean, groomed, and in its top condition. This is Your Job, do not "drop the ball" on this very important piece of the job.
  • Distribution Mix - Unless your home is a movable mobile home, there is not much we can do to affect distribution. It is where it is. We can "promote" the benefits of its location and the actual home site that it resides upon.
  • Pricing Mix - This is Your Job in the marketing of the home. You select the price that you ask, but buyers determine its value. Make sure you price it at or below current values (yes below, because prices are dropping right now and if you are high, you will not sell your home).
  • Promotional Mix - This is My Job in the marketing of your home. Just putting a sign in the yard and putting it in the MLS is not enough. To correctly "promote" a property, we need to use a progressive, targeted marketing system. With over 94% of homebuyers using the internet, the right promotional package must dominate the internet, not just be "on it" like all of your competition.

So, let's get to work. We can be a great team and get your home sold in this "toughest market since the Great Depression." If you do "Your Job," our progressive marketing campaign will drive buyers to your home to get it sold and get you moving on with the rest of your life. If you need some help, just drop us a note and we will help you on your way!

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