Why We Want To Meet You First

real estate safety tipsHave you ever been driving around a neighborhood and seen a home for sale that really piqued your curiosity? Most likely you called the real estate brokerage office and asked to see the property, only to be asked to come to the office. The office might even be on the opposite side of town!

This scenario happens all to often in our Joe Manausa Real Estate in Tallahassee. You might wonder why most real estate professionals will refuse to meet you at the home, rather they insist on you coming to the office for the first meeting. You might be surprised to find out that there are several very important reasons why this first meeting should occur in the real estate brokerage office.

  • The Seller's Home Is Not A Meeting Place - I believe it is important to respect the privacy of the homeowner. If we (real estate professionals) have not determined that you are qualified to buy the home in question, as well as want to buy the home in question, is it really right for us to allow you to wonder all through these people's home? The homeowners' have put their faith in their real estate brokerage company to qualify all people before taking them through their relatively unsecured home, and I believe it is important that we do so as often as possible.
  • Your Security Concerns Us - If you have never met the real estate professional with whom you speak, is it really safe for you to meet them at a private location. How do you know you really got in touch with the person that you were calling? It is in your best interest to meet with them first at a recognized place of business.
  • Our Security Concerns Us -Just as you have not met with the real estate professional, we have not met with you yet either. There are numerous reports of Realtors getting robbed and even murdered when heading out to show a home. By meeting in the office first, we can get to know the buyer and we can report our itinerary to the office staff. Additional measures, such as getting a copy of the buyers' drivers license reduce our risk of unsafe practice.
  • Customer Service Is Our Top Goal - While the previous reasons are valid in their own right, the goal of the real estate brokerage office should be to win your business (both now and in the future). We want to be your Realtor for Life! In order to do that, we do not want our relationship to hinge upon one single home. Most likely, the home that you are curious about will not fit all of your needs, therefore, you will need a real estate company to provide you with all the modern tools, technologies, and experience needed to provide you with top-notch, referral winning service. That is our goal!

So the next time you see a house and want to peak inside, be prepared to meet us at the office first. While it might not seem as convenient to you as just popping in, it is the best practice for you, the homeowner, and the real estate professional.

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