Who's Hot? The Most Active Neighborhoods In Tallahassee

People are moving to the most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee, and the list of what's hot has changed in 2014.

Though we are only two months into the year, we've seen a couple of fresh faces move into our top five Tallahassee neighborhoods list thus far in 2014.

And two have fallen well below their normal position within the top five.

The Most Active Neighborhoods In Tallahassee

I always like to keep track of trends of where people are moving in Tallahassee. The following real estate graph shows (from left to right) the most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee. The black bars show the total number of closed home sales in 2014 (measured on the left vertical axis), while the green shaded area shows the average value (measured in price per square foot on the right axis).

The Most Active Neighborhoods In Tallahassee

The Newest Listings In The Hottest Neighborhoods

If you would like to see the newest listings in the most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee, simply click on the name of the neighborhood in the table below. In addition to taking you to listings of homes for sale in each respective subdivision, the table also shows how many homes have been sold thus far, the average sales price of homes in each neighborhood, the average values of homes in each neighborhood, and the average size of those homes.

Subdivision # Sold Avg. Price Avg. Value Avg. Size
Killearn Lakes 15 $180,075 $112 1,610
Southwood 10 $324,123 $136 2,378
Killearn Estates 9 $237,219 $112 2,113
Bull Run 7 $289,037 $143 2,019
Betton Hills 5 $321,660 $109 2,963
Goose Creek 5 $203,000 $107 1,889
Piney Z 5 $221,880 $115 1,935
Woodland Drives 4 $224,355 $107 2,098
Arbor Hill 4 $108,475 $92 1,177
Indian Head Acres 4 $121,000 $90 1,351
Harbinwood Estates 4 $206,125 $77 2,694
Observation Pointe 3 $215,633 $135 1,592
Copper Creek 3 $88,500 $86 1,035
Adiron Woods 3 $243,630 $141 1,730
Buckwood 3 $104,600 $79 1,328
Forest Heights 3 $154,167 $70 2,189
Summerbrooke 3 $366,333 $119 3,078
Golden Eagle Plantation 3 $380,500 $118 3,224
Huntington Woods 3 $91,200 $74 1,229

For long time readers who have seen our past reports on the active subdivisions in town, you'll note that Killearn Acres does not even appear (it is usually #3 or #4) and Golden Eagle Plantation has fallen way down the list. Maybe they are off to a slow start, or is this a new trend developing for these once popular areas of town?

But Betton Hills and Goose Creek have shot into the top five (and neither are normally even in the top 10). Buyers are scooping up deals where they can find them, and sellers who want to sell are dealing. If you would like help finding the best deal for your next home, just drop me a note and we'll be happy to assist.

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