Tallahassee Real Estate Blog Cleans Up Its Act

Tallahassee Real Estate BlogThe Tallahassee Real Estate Blog has a new look this morning. I finally got around to publishing a series of Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions videos on our site and I am hoping to grow them as I receive more questions from our readers.

Though the library is not very large yet, I am hoping it becomes a favorite destination for the many blog visitors that we receive. Just last month, The Tallahassee Real Estate Blog recorded 975,000 page views on our site, and hope to hit a million page views per month before the end of the year.

I used a great new software program to allow them to cycle through a few spots on our home page, and I look forward to all feedback.

Just as a quick note, I'm using EasyVideoPlayer because it allows me to put very fast loading videos on my site without having them hosted at sites like YouTube, which add all sorts of trailers and advertisements to my videos. My videos are "on the cloud" so they load as fast as any you will find on the web.

The following video is an example of the videos that can be found in the real estate frequently asked questions video library.

Tallahassee Real Estate Blog: Frequently Asked Question


Feedback Requested At The Tallahassee Real Estate Blog

So tell me what you think about the video! Is it too long, too short, too boring? Is this the type of explanation that would help you (and others) learn about topics and concerns regarding the type of issues we cover at the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog?

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