The Focus Of A Tallahassee Real Estate Agent

Tallahassee-Real-Estate-Agent-ImageRecently, a friend and I were talking about how tough it was being a Tallahassee real estate agent in our current housing market. I had been explaining to him the joyless task of explaining property values to home sellers who had seen 30% of their equity disappear and his remarks afterward really put things into perspective for me.

You see, the job of being a Tallahassee real estate agent in the past has been relatively painless. Sure, there were many hours of work, but my work always centered around something that ultimately brought joy to an individual or a family. Helping somebody move from one home to another is often times stressful, but the reason for the move was most-often a positive one.

But lately, having to deliver often-times grim news about Tallahassee property values has made my role much more serious and much less fun. But perhaps, significantly more important.

Beyond The Norm In Customer Service

The definition of customer service for a Tallahassee real estate agent has changed. In the past, it was about returning phone calls and paying attention to what the home buyer or home seller was saying.

Today, customer service for a Tallahassee real estate agent also includes providing diligent study and meaningful interpretation of the trends in the housing market. I have to be accurate, I have to be precise, and I have to understand the motivation of a prospective customer better than ever. Because a lot of money will be on the line.

In a market where values are dropping, home sellers who do not pin point the perfect asking price will either leave a lot of money on the table or they will fail to sell their home (recent home sales report shows that 60% of home sellers are failing to sell their homes). And home buyers have to operate in the same choppy waters. If we do not isolate homes that are properly priced, it is possible that they home buyer will trap themselves by getting emotionally attached to an over-priced property.

This Tallahassee Real Estate Agent Will Always Focus On Customer Service

Tallahassee-real-estate-agent-Joe-Manausa-ImageMy focus will remain on customer service. As all small business owners will tell you, customer service is the key to long-term success. The way that we deliver this service might change over time, but the intent is to have a long list of happy customers.

I believe that even as I deliver potentially grim news to my home selling customers, they know that I do not take my job lightly and they know that I have spent thousands of hours in my quest to be the best Tallahassee real estate agent.

As housing market cycles come and go, the processes and procedures in my role as a Tallahassee real estate agent might be radically altered, but my commitment to providing the best customer service possible will never change.

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