Is Your Tallahassee House Haunted?

You’d know if your house was haunted… right?

All homes make noises, minor creaks and groans that are easiest to hear at night when all else is quiet. But what about a certifiably haunted house?

Well, to help you figure out whether your house is just settling or if someone/something is settling in .... I found this website that has a map of thousands of “haunted” places all over the world. Take a look around and see who's got a haunted house in Tallahassee.

And even if your home ISN’T haunted, there are still some fun ways to dress it up for Halloween. I found a list of some fun, do-it-yourself decorations. Fall wreaths, spooky stencils, and cute pumpkin carving ideas are some of my favorites.

Haunted Houses In Tallahassee, Florida

Have You Seen Beard Street On Halloween?

I think the largest collection of ghosts and ghouls this year will be on Beard Street.

The short video below (shot by me personally so I apologize for the less-than-Hollywood quality) reveals something rather amazing about Beard Street on Halloween each year.

For such a small location in Midtown, check out just how many people we have "trick-or-treating" each year. I like to think of it as "Mardi Gras" for kids in Tallahassee.

If you are out on Halloween and decide to check out Beard Street, make sure you come by and say hello.

Many of the Joe Manausa Real Estate team will be out and about, and I'll be doing my best Fred Flintstone hanging out with Wonder Woman at the corner of Beard and Pine (with Tony and Mabel). Mention you read this and I'll dig up an ice cold beer for you!

Happy Halloween.

P.S. If you think your home is haunted and you’re not a fan of ghosts, just DROP ME A NOTE. I’m always happy to run a home value report for you.

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