25 Foreclosures For Sale In Tallahassee: Deal or No Deal?

It does not seem long ago that short sales and foreclosures dominated the homes for sale in Tallahassee.

Today, only 25  foreclosures are actively listed today, and don't expect them to stick around very long.

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25 Tallahassee Foreclosure Listings Active In The MLS

At one point in the past six years, almost one half of all homes listed for sale in Tallahassee were distressed, meaning they were bank owned, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures or short sales. Now that only 25 remain, you can say we've come along way.

If you like to keep tab on all distressed homes for sale, simply use the following links below to shop for your desired distressed property type (note, these links only show active listings, not ones that are under contract; you can use the advanced property search tool to see both available homes as well as those under contract).

  • Foreclosures - Click here to see all active listings
  • Short Sales - Click here to see all active listing
  • Bank Owned Properties - Click here to see all active listing
  • All Distressed Properties - Click here to see all active listing
  • Arms Length Only - Click here to see all active listing

How To Buy A Foreclosure In Tallahassee

Too often, we see new buyers come in and say they want to buy a foreclosure or a short sale.

I guess they believe that every distressed property listing is a good deal, simply because of the conditions of the sale.

Unfortunately, that simply is not true.

Some distressed properties sell right away, because there are professionals handling the sale on behalf of the holding entity which wishes to unload the property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With other properties, we see the opposite. The holding entity might have a target price they want to get, totally unaware of the market conditions in Tallahassee (as well as unaware of the current condition of the foreclosed property).

So buying a foreclosure in Tallahassee is not the best goal for somebody looking for a great deal.

Instead, work with a professional real estate buyer's agent who can guide you to the best deals in Tallahassee, regardless of whether they are short sales, bank owned properties, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, or even arms-length home sellers.

Do you really care about the reason the seller is selling, or do you want to get the best deal possible?

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