Tallahassee Center Condominium Listings And Sales January 2024

Tallahassee Center Condo Real Estate InformationThe Tallahassee Center Condominium is located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, offering a relatively rare urban lifestyle in Florida's Capital City.

Residents have easy access to various amenities, including shopping, dining, entertainment, and some government offices, plus features such as secure entry, maintenance services, and on-site amenities like the 24-hour fitness center, covered parking, conference rooms, and meeting spaces.

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Tallahassee Center Schools

The public schools in Leon County serving the Tallahassee Center area are:

This article includes three detailed graphs illustrating average prices, values, and sizes of condominiums in Tallahassee Center, along with a comprehensive table of all completed condominium sales since 1991.

Each graph features two essential elements: red columns indicate the annual number of condominium sales, corresponding to the left vertical axis. The blue line tracks a key real estate metric aligned with the right vertical axis.

Our narrative covers sales data up to December of the previous year and includes the first four weeks of January 2024. Please note that both the graphs and the sales table are regularly updated. We recommend bookmarking this page to keep up with the latest sales trends in Tallahassee Center.

Tallahassee Center Average Condo Prices

In 2023, condominium unit values in Tallahassee Center climbed to $324K.

Currently, two units are up for sale in Tallahassee Center Condominium, with one already in contract with a prospective buyer.

Tallahassee Center Average Condo Values

Tallahassee Center witnessed a notable 7% increase in condominium unit values in 2023.

The selling price for condo units in Tallahassee Center in 2023 averaged $274 per square foot.

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Tallahassee Center Average Condo Sizes

Condominium units in Tallahassee Center typically range from 900 to just over 1,500 square feet in size. In 2023, the sales adhered to this standard size range.

The six condo units sold in Tallahassee Center in 2023 had an average size of 1,121 square feet.

Tallahassee Center Condo Sales

The following list provides a comprehensive record of condominium transactions in Tallahassee Center, tracing back to 2006 when unit sales began.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
215 W College Avenue$275,000$4372024-06-202006629Resale
215 W College Avenue$355,000$2692024-05-3120061,320Resale
215 W College Avenue$345,000$2642024-05-0920061,305Resale
215 W College Avenue$275,000$3342024-03-012006823Resale
215 W College Avenue$408,000$2782024-02-0120061,466Resale
215 W College Avenue 607$217,900$3002023-11-272006726Resale
215 W College Avenue 405$196,000$2702023-09-202006726Resale
215 W College Ave 903$246,500$2222023-08-2320061,112Resale
215 W College Ave 201$122,500$2472023-07-312006495Resale
215 W College Ave 501$339,000$2312023-06-3020061,466Resale
215 W College Ave 1101$825,000$3742023-04-0320062,206Resale
215 W College Ave 406B$215,000$2612022-12-232006823Resale
215 W College Ave 1104$775,000$3392022-08-0320062,284Resale
215 W College Ave 808$280,000$2222022-08-0120061,259Resale
215 W College Avenue$189,000$2602022-05-312006726Resale
215 W College Ave 413$179,000$2472022-04-262006726Resale
215 W College Ave 308$195,000$2692022-04-132006726Resale
215 W College Ave Unit 301$292,500$2002022-04-0720061,466Resale
215 W College Avenue Avenue$187,500$2582022-03-222006726Resale
215 W College Avenue$135,000$3382021-12-312006400Resale
215 W College Unit 802$220,000$1982021-11-1720061,112Resale
215 W College Ave 607$163,500$2252021-11-012006726Resale
215 W College Ave 904$270,000$1812021-10-1520061,495Resale
215 W College Ave 513$148,000$2042021-10-012006726Resale
215 W College Ave 806$225,000$1702021-08-2320061,320Resale
215 #806 W College Avenue$225,000$1702021-08-2320061,320Resale
215 W College Ave 507$170,000$2342021-08-202006726Resale
215 W College Unit 409$159,000$2192021-08-102006726Resale
215 W College Ave 403$120,000$2592021-08-052006462Resale
215 W College Avenue$300,000$2052021-08-0320061,466Resale
215 W College Ave 801$300,000$2042021-07-2820061,466Resale
215 W College Ave 610$156,000$2342021-07-262006667Resale
215 W College Ave 311$154,000$2312021-07-232006667Resale
215 W College Ave 714$173,000$2532021-07-222006683Resale
215 W College Ave 1004$257,500$1952021-07-1620061,320Resale
215 W College Ave 410$155,000$2322021-07-162006667Resale
215 W College Ave Apt 407$165,000$2272021-07-022006726Resale
215 W College Ave 707$159,900$2202021-06-012006726Resale
215 W College Ave 305$148,000$2032021-05-282006726Resale
215 W College Ave 414$157,000$2302021-05-272006683Resale
215 W College Ave 511$158,500$2382021-05-182006667Resale
215 W College Avenue$152,500$2102021-03-312006726Resale
215 W College Street$210,000$1592021-03-1720061,320Resale
215 W College Avenue$165,000$2272021-02-022006726Resale
215 W College Avenue Unit 302 West Avenue$153,000$2112020-12-182006726Resale
215 W College Unit 609 E Avenue$142,000$1962020-12-072006726Resale
215 W College Avenue$180,000$2192020-12-072006823Resale
215 W College Avenue$142,500$1962020-11-172006726Resale
215 W College Avenue$155,000$2272020-09-042006683Resale
215 W College Ave 803$187,000$1682020-08-1420061,112Resale
215 W College Avenue$225,000$2022020-05-2120061,112Resale
215 W College Avenue$179,900$1432020-05-0820061,259Resale
215 W College Avenue$109,000$2442020-02-252006447Resale
215 W College Ave 902$191,900$1732019-12-0620061,112Resale
215 W College Ave 308$159,000$2192019-09-102006726Resale
215 W College Ave 702$155,000$2142019-08-112006726Resale
215 W College Ave 309$155,000$2132019-03-252006726Resale
215 W College Ave 712$140,700$1942019-03-082006726Resale
215 W College Avenue #807$262,000$1982019-01-2520061,320Resale
215 W College Ave 704$101,100$2532019-01-182006400Resale
215 W College Avenue Unit 711$157,000$2352019-01-112006667Resale
215 W College Avenue$117,000$2622018-12-312006447Resale
215 W College Ave Unit 710 East$162,000$2432018-09-172006667Resale
215 W College Avenue$115,000$2572018-07-312006447Resale
215 W College Avenue$275,000$1882018-07-2420061,466Resale
215 W College Ave, Unit 709$149,900$2062018-05-222006726Resale
215 W College Ave, Unit 413$148,000$1802018-05-152006820Resale
215 W College Ave$240,000$1832018-04-1120061,305Resale
215 W College Ave$155,500$2472018-02-162006629Resale
215 W College Avenue$157,000$2352018-01-182006667Resale
215 W College Avenue$114,000$2472017-12-012006462Resale
215 W College Avenue$141,250$1952017-10-242006725Resale
215 W College Avenue$255,000$1742017-08-3120061,466Resale
215 W College Ave$150,000$2072017-08-212006726Resale
215 W College Ave.$148,000$1802017-08-172006820Resale
215 W College Ave$199,900$2432017-07-302006823Resale
215 W College Ave Unit #1005$242,000$1832017-07-1720061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$1402017-05-3120061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$1422017-05-3120061,305Resale
215 W College Ave$201,500$1532017-05-3120061,320Resale
215 W College Ave Unit 306A$149,900$2382017-02-272006629Resale
215 W College Ave$154,000$2122017-02-062006726Resale
215 W College Ave Unit 302 W$139,900$1932017-01-172006726Resale
215 W College Avenue #308 East Avenue$139,900$1932016-12-202006726Resale
215 W W College Ave$179,900$2192016-08-012006823Resale
215 W College Ave Unit #710 East$160,000$2402016-07-262006667Resale
215 W College Ave$120,000$3002016-06-242006400Resale
215 W College Avenue$145,000$2002016-06-212006726Resale
215 W College Ave Unit 903$218,000$1962016-05-2020061,112Resale
215 W College Avenue$600,000$2572016-05-1220062,334Resale
215 W College Ave. Unit 804 West$300,000$2012016-01-0520061,495Resale
215 W College Avenue$156,000$2132015-06-232006733Resale
215 W College Ave$150,000$1152015-01-2220061,305Resale
215 W College Ave$259,000$1772014-12-3120061,466Resale
215 W College Ave$110,000$2462014-12-022006447Resale
215 W College Ave$103,500$1432014-11-042006726Resale
215 W College Ave$80,000$1792014-10-302006447Resale
215 W College Ave$262,000$3612014-10-302006726Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$1422014-10-2920061,305Resale
215 W College Ave$182,000$1382014-10-2720061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$1402014-09-3020061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$1402014-09-1720061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$125,000$1722014-09-152006726Resale
215 W College Ave$152,500$2102014-08-292006726Resale
215 W College Ave$217,500$1962014-07-3020061,112Resale
215 W College Ave$150,000$1822014-06-262006823Resale
215 W College Ave$144,000$1982014-06-252006726Resale
215 W College Ave$110,000$2752014-06-252006400Resale
215 W College Ave$515,000$2212014-05-3020062,334Resale
215 W College Ave$515,000$1942014-05-2320062,649Resale
215 W College Ave$139,000$1912014-04-102006726Resale
215 W College Ave$184,000$1652014-01-3120061,112Resale
215 W College Ave$165,000$2002014-01-072006823Resale
215 W College Ave$149,000$2182013-12-022006683Resale
215 W College Ave$248,800$1702013-11-2220061,466Resale
215 W College Ave$120,000$2422013-11-132006495Resale
215 W College Ave$100,000$1502013-10-312006667Resale
215 W College Ave$141,000$2112013-10-312006667Resale
215 W College Ave$100,000$2242013-10-312006447Resale
215 W College Ave$120,000$2302013-10-042006521Resale
215 W College Ave$75,000$1682013-07-172006447Resale
215 W College Ave$93,000$2082013-06-142006447Resale
215 W College Ave$685,000$3042013-05-2820062,254Resale
215 W College Ave$160,000$1942013-01-232006823Resale
215 W College Ave$625,000$2832012-12-2820062,206Resale
215 W College Ave$140,000$1932012-08-312006726Resale
215 W College Ave$251,800$1682012-08-2420061,495Resale
215 W College Ave$98,500$2462012-07-252006400Resale
215 W College Ave$125,000$1722012-06-222006726Resale
215 W College Ave$230,000$1742012-05-0220061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$126,000$1842012-04-252006683Resale
215 W College Ave$230,000$1762012-03-2720061,305Resale
215 W College Ave$312,900$1202012-03-0720062,613Resale
215 W College Ave$129,900$2072011-12-302006629Resale
215 W College Ave$260,000$1972011-09-0220061,320Resale
215 W College Ave$120,000$1802011-06-272006667Resale
215 W College Ave$160,000$1442011-01-1220061,112Resale
215 W College Ave$117,000$1752010-10-052006667Resale
215 W College Ave$129,900$1952010-06-292006667Resale
215 W College Ave$279,500$1872010-05-2820061,495Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$2552010-05-282006726Resale
215 W College Ave$139,900$2102009-10-022006667Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$2552008-11-072006726Resale
215 W College Ave$299,900$2052008-10-3120061,466Resale
215 W College Ave$136,900$3062008-10-312006447Resale
215 W College Ave$149,900$3352008-09-052006447Resale
215 W College Ave$15,000$212008-08-082006726Resale
215 W College Ave$195,000$2692008-07-242006726Resale
215 W College Ave$180,000$2482008-06-232006726Resale
215 W College Ave$168,900$2532008-05-152006667Resale
215 W College Ave$185,000$2772008-05-092006667Resale
215 W College Ave$330,000$2622008-04-1120061,259Resale
215 W College Ave$180,000$2482007-12-282006726Resale
215 W College Ave$182,000$4552007-11-152006400Resale
215 W College Ave$207,500$5192007-08-272006400Resale
215 W College Ave$215,000$5382007-06-222006400Resale
215 W College Ave$356,900$8922007-06-132006400New
215 W College Ave$150,000$3752007-05-102006400New
215 W College Ave$166,000$4152007-04-302006400Resale
215 W College Ave$300,000$7502007-04-302006400New
215 W College Ave$147,000$3682007-04-272006400Resale
215 W College Ave$207,500$5192007-03-302006400Resale
215 W College Ave$153,000$3832007-03-152006400New
215 W College Ave$1,194,200$2,9862007-02-272006400New
215 W College Ave$245,000$6132007-02-162006400Resale
215 W College Ave$675,500$1,6892007-01-312006400New
215 W College Ave$242,900$6072006-12-142006400New
215 W College Ave$826,900$2,0672006-12-142006400New
215 W College Ave$170,900$4272006-11-162006400New
215 W College Ave$132,900$3322006-11-102006400New
215 W College Ave$161,900$4052006-11-102006400New
215 W College Ave$347,900$8702006-11-102006400New
215 W College Ave$174,900$4372006-11-072006400New
215 W College Ave$164,800$4122006-11-062006400New
215 W College Ave$164,900$4122006-11-022006400New
215 W College Ave$135,200$3382006-10-312006400New
215 W College Ave$169,600$4242006-10-302006400New
215 W College Ave$230,000$5752006-10-302006400New
215 W College Ave$179,500$4492006-10-272006400New
215 W College Ave$173,900$4352006-10-262006400New
215 W College Ave$305,900$7652006-10-262006400New
215 W College Ave$126,200$3162006-10-252006400New
215 W College Ave$140,200$3512006-10-252006400New
215 W College Ave$156,300$3912006-10-252006400New
215 W College Ave$161,500$4042006-10-252006400New
215 W College Ave$158,300$3962006-10-242006400New
215 W College Ave$165,900$4152006-10-232006400New
215 W College Ave$239,900$6002006-10-212006400New
215 W College Ave$116,900$2922006-10-202006400New
215 W College Ave$182,700$4572006-10-202006400New
215 W College Ave$310,900$7772006-10-202006400New
215 W College Ave$310,900$7772006-10-202006400New
215 W College Ave$451,900$1,1302006-10-202006400New
215 W College Ave$173,900$4352006-10-192006400New
215 W College Ave$194,900$4872006-10-192006400New
215 W College Ave$205,900$5152006-10-192006400New
215 W College Ave$205,900$5152006-10-192006400New
215 W College Ave$156,300$3912006-10-162006400New
215 W College Ave$164,800$4122006-10-132006400New
215 W College Ave$185,900$4652006-10-132006400New
215 W College Ave$190,900$4772006-10-122006400New
215 W College Ave$168,900$4222006-10-112006400New
215 W College Ave$164,800$4122006-10-062006400New
215 W College Ave$128,200$3212006-10-042006400New
215 W College Ave$165,900$4152006-10-042006400New
215 W College Ave$472,900$1,1822006-10-032006400New
215 W College Ave$124,900$3122006-10-022006400New
215 W College Ave$124,900$3122006-10-022006400New
215 W College Ave$124,900$3122006-10-022006400New
215 W College Ave$170,900$4272006-10-022006400New
215 W College Ave$167,900$4202006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$174,900$4372006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$187,900$4702006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$207,900$5202006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$329,900$8252006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$750,000$1,8752006-09-292006400New
215 W College Ave$165,900$4152006-09-282006400New
215 W College Ave$172,000$4302006-09-282006400New
215 W College Ave$179,900$4502006-09-282006400New
215 W College Ave$165,900$4152006-09-272006400New
215 W College Ave$165,900$4152006-09-272006400New
215 W College Ave$169,000$4232006-09-272006400New
215 W College Ave$708,800$1,7722006-09-272006400New
215 W College Ave$149,900$3752006-09-222006400New
215 W College Ave$174,900$4372006-09-222006400New
215 W College Ave$429,900$1,0752006-09-222006400New
215 W College Ave$479,900$1,2002006-09-222006400New
215 W College Ave$136,900$3422006-09-212006400New
215 W College Ave$164,900$4122006-09-212006400New
215 W College Ave$167,900$4202006-09-212006400New
215 W College Ave$199,900$5002006-09-212006400New
215 W College Ave$219,900$5502006-09-212006400New
215 W College Ave$225,700$5642006-09-202006400New
215 W College Ave$229,900$5752006-09-202006400New
215 W College Ave$242,900$6072006-09-202006400New
215 W College Ave$392,500$9812006-09-202006400New
215 W College Ave$149,900$3752006-09-192006400New
215 W College Ave$135,200$3382006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$149,900$3752006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$158,300$3962006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$161,800$4052006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$206,000$5152006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$250,000$6252006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$305,900$7652006-09-152006400New
215 W College Ave$128,200$3212006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$159,900$4002006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$168,900$4222006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$168,900$4222006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$232,600$5822006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$255,000$6382006-09-142006400New
215 W College Ave$161,800$4052006-09-122006400New
215 W College Ave$159,800$4002006-09-112006400New
215 W College Ave$167,900$4202006-09-082006400New
215 W College Ave$173,900$4352006-09-082006400New
215 W College Ave$299,900$7502006-09-082006400New
215 W College Ave$469,900$1,1752006-09-082006400New
215 W College Ave$469,900$1,1752006-09-082006400New

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