Suburban Hills Housing Report June 2015

After featuring Town N County Park in yesterday's housing report, today we'll review Suburban Hills, another NW Tallahassee subdivision that is also nearby the CENTRE of Tallahassee (formerly known as the Tallahassee Mall). 

When The CENTRE of Tallahassee is fully renovated and operation, we expect this dynamite location to become very popular with younger people who want to be located near all the amenities the new retail development will be offering. This makes Suburban Hills a super opportunity for owner occupants and investors alike.

Additionally, this is a neighborhood that is located a few yards west of the east-west dividing line (Meridian Road) in Tallahassee, thus we believe the values have been unfairly beaten down due to an improper perception of location by buyers. This will not last forever.

In this report, we will look at home prices, home values, and home sizes in Suburban Hills, as well as show current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales going back to 1991.

Home Prices In Suburban Hills

For the 3 real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis. It is important to note that sales are through December for all previous years, but through the second week of June in 2015.

Average home prices are down 9% since last year, but are still higher than they were two years ago. Much of the blame can be placed on the abundance of distressed properties that were sold, as 42% of the homes sold in the past 18 months have been distressed. The average recorded sales price is $126,325 for Suburban Hills thus far in 2015.

Home sales activity in 2015 appears fairly strong. Unlike most neighborhoods in Tallahassee, Suburban Hills did not "explode" during the expansion of the housing market from 2004 through 2006, though sales did decline for a few years during the recovery. The current rate of home sales in Suburban Hills is consistent with the historical norm.

Through the second week in June 2015, there have been 4 closed home sales in Suburban Hills.

Home Values

Average home values in Suburban Hills have declined 11% so far in 2015, and down 25% since 2012. Again, with so many distressed home sales in recent years, this is not a big surprise. Many of these homes have qualified for various programs (ie Homepath) thus the buyer pool was restricted and the homes sold for lower values.

There is one home for sale (under contract) in Suburban Hills as of the writing of this report, thus I would expect/hope that we have seen the majority of distressed sales purged from this great neighborhood. Buyers and investors would be wise to recognize that single family homes on more than a third of an acre within walking distance to shopping and schools will return to high demand when the supply and demand for houses in Tallahassee stabilizes. 

Don't be surprised if we don't see Suburban Hills home values rise rapidly as arms-length sellers re-enter the market and buyers discover this incredible location just a bit west of the NE Tallahassee quadrant.

Through the first week in June, the average value of a home sold in Suburban Hills this year has been $79 per square foot. This means that home values are far lower than the current and future cost of replacement. I would go so far as to say that some of the homes sold in this area over the past few years were done below the value of the land alone.

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Home Sizes

The average home size sold in Suburban Hills typically falls in a range of 1,400 to 1,700 square feet, but 2015 has started off towards the higher end of the range. Since everything that has been listed has been sold (or put under contract), I wouldn't say home size has been an issue for buyers in Suburban Hills.

The 4 home sales in 2015 have averaged 1,663 square feet.

Homes For Sale In Suburban Hills

The following list of homes are the most recent listings in Suburban Hills. If no homes are present, it means that none are for sale (this can often be the case for smaller neighborhoods). You can always bookmark this page and check back, as new listings are updated every 15 minutes on our Tallahassee real estate website.

Suburban Hills

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Suburban Hills Home Sales

The following list shows home sales going back to 1991 in Suburban Hills.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
111 Winn Cay Drive$200,000$1142023-09-1119681,749Resale
2812 Vann Circle$322,000$1712023-06-0219681,887Resale
309 Hoffman Drive$325,000$1962023-05-0819681,654Resale
312 Talwood Drive$305,000$1682023-03-1019701,818Resale
307 Sweetbriar Drive$215,000$1442022-09-2919691,496Resale
114 Winn Cay Drive$300,000$1662022-07-1919671,812Resale
318 Talwood Drive$286,250$1832022-07-1219701,565Resale
2809 Sweetbriar Drive$350,000$1902022-05-3119701,839Resale
2808 Vann Circle$200,000$932021-11-0519672,152Resale
314 Talwood Drive$280,000$1792021-10-1419701,561Resale
108 Winn Cay Drive$298,000$1652021-10-1219681,804Resale
308 Talwood Drive$305,000$1702021-09-2819691,793Resale
298 Hoffman Drive$210,000$1612021-09-1519671,305Resale
303 Hoffman Dr$190,000$1652021-07-0719681,148Resale
2812 Trebark Dr$233,400$1192021-05-1019691,960Resale
2814 Trebark Drive$300,000$1612021-04-3019691,860Resale
2808 Trebark Drive$250,000$1352020-12-1119701,854Resale
212 Hoffman Drive$251,500$1252020-11-1819652,007Resale
310 Talwood Drive$275,000$1202020-10-2019702,291Resale
108 Hoffman Drive$205,000$1382020-09-1819641,485Resale
2805 Vann Circle$188,500$1422020-08-2819681,328Resale
2815 Sweetbriar Drive$212,000$1232020-06-2519691,717Resale
117 Hoffman Dr$185,000$1002020-05-0419651,833Resale
2820 Vann Circle$218,000$1242020-03-1619691,752Resale
202 Hoffman Drive$240,500$1152020-01-1519642,092Resale
2812 Vann Cir$200,000$962019-11-0819682,094Resale
108 Winn Cay Drive$225,000$1252019-10-0919681,804Resale
112 Winn Cay Drive$140,000$972019-08-1619751,450Resale
110 Hoffman Drive$198,900$1202019-07-0119641,652Resale
2808 Trebark Drive$190,000$1022019-06-2519701,854Resale
208 Winn Cay Drive$250,000$1432019-06-1419661,745Resale
2824 Vann Circle$221,000$1072019-05-3019682,058Resale
211 Hoffman Drive$189,000$1452019-05-2419641,300Resale
110 Winn Cay$227,000$1532019-05-2319681,480Resale
200 Winn Cay Drive$155,000$922019-05-1719671,682Resale
2812 Sweetbriar Drive$235,000$1242019-04-1219701,902Resale
310 Talwood Drive$233,190$1022018-12-2719702,291Resale
208 Winn Cay Dr.$132,500$822018-10-1919661,625Resale
2813 Sweetbriar Drive$252,500$1472018-09-2419691,719Resale
210 Hoffman$277,500$1292018-07-2719642,151Resale
2810 Trebark Dr$239,900$1162018-05-3019702,076Resale
2809 Trebark Drive$185,000$992018-04-2719691,876Resale
2808 Sweetbriar Drive$215,000$1452018-04-2019701,479Resale
2813 Nw Sweetbriar Drive$175,000$1022018-03-2719691,719Resale
2824 Vann Cir$158,000$762018-02-2019682,058Resale
2802 Trebark Dr$215,000$1332018-02-1619691,621Resale
103 Hoffman Dr$159,000$642017-12-2119642,470Resale
210 Hoffman Drive$220,000$1022017-11-0319642,156Resale
103 Winn Cay Dr$195,000$1142017-09-0819691,708Resale
2810 Sweetbriar Drive$215,000$1262017-05-3119701,706Resale
2809 Sweetbriar Drive$155,000$842017-03-3119701,839Resale
113 Hoffman Drive$152,500$942017-02-2719641,624Resale
306 Talwood Drive$165,000$1082016-12-3019691,532Resale
115 Hoffman Dr$203,000$942016-12-0619642,170Resale
110 Hoffman Drive$180,000$1082016-09-3019641,665Resale
105 Winn Cay Drive$184,900$1282016-06-2319691,450Resale
204 Hoffman Drive$208,000$962016-04-0819642,162Resale
2808 Sweetbriar Dr$199,500$1352016-03-1119701,479Resale
301 Sweetbriar Drive$195,000$1162016-02-1619761,680Resale
314 Talwood$188,000$1202015-07-3119701,561Resale
2820 Vann Circle$150,000$862015-06-3019691,752Resale
2814 Trebark Dr$74,000$402015-05-2119691,860Resale
108 Hoffman Dr$131,400$1002015-05-1919641,305Resale
299 Hoffman Dr$125,000$942015-03-3019661,325Resale
115 Hoffman Dr$167,500$772015-03-2719642,170Resale
113 Winn Cay Dr$40,000$312015-03-2519691,259Resale
109 Hoffman Dr$139,000$1072015-02-2319641,300Resale
210 Winn Cay Dr$137,000$842014-12-2319671,640Resale
2810 Trebark Dr$193,500$1052014-12-2219701,836Resale
204 Hoffman Dr$107,500$812014-08-0719641,334Resale
318 Talwood Dr$87,500$562014-04-2919701,565Resale
2822 Vann Cir$150,000$1052014-03-1119681,428Resale
311 Sweetbriar Dr$158,500$1052014-02-2519691,508Resale
2810 Trebark Dr$65,000$352013-12-2019701,836Resale
2818 Vann Cir$125,000$1122013-10-0919681,118Resale
2809 Trebark Dr$66,400$522013-09-1819691,288Resale
298 Hoffman Dr$142,500$1092013-07-0819671,305Resale
110 Hoffman Dr$137,500$1192013-06-2619641,152Resale
201 Winn Cay Dr$147,500$872013-05-2419691,688Resale
2808 Sweetbriar Dr$169,900$1152013-03-0819701,479Resale
295 Hoffman Dr$136,000$722013-01-2819711,901Resale
293 Hoffman Dr$149,000$1092012-12-2819671,370Resale
314 Talwood Dr$162,000$1092012-12-2819701,491Resale
301 Hoffman Dr$183,000$1122012-06-2919681,635Resale
2806 Vann Cir$183,000$912012-04-1319672,012Resale
2808 Sweetbriar Dr$73,400$482011-12-1519701,527Resale
103 Winn Cay Dr$170,000$1002011-03-2519691,708Resale
298 Hoffman Dr$133,900$1032011-02-2519671,305Resale
2810 Sweetbriar Dr$192,000$1132010-06-2519701,706Resale
2807 Sweetbriar Dr$140,000$812010-04-3019711,739Resale
2812 Sweetbriar Dr$220,000$1162009-01-1419701,902Resale
305 Hoffman Dr$160,000$1202008-09-1219661,334Resale
202 Hoffman Dr$135,900$962008-08-2719641,421Resale
211 Hoffman Dr$168,000$1292008-04-2919641,300Resale
111 Winn Cay Dr$218,500$1252007-04-0919681,749Resale
2801 Vann Cir$210,000$1212007-03-0819681,739Resale
318 Talwood Dr$219,000$1402006-09-1519701,565Resale
2812 Vann Cir$235,000$1252006-08-1019681,887Resale
203 Winn Cay Dr$153,200$1022006-07-1019681,508Resale
210 Winn Cay Dr$230,000$1402006-06-2919671,640Resale
212 Hoffman Dr$188,000$1022006-05-3019651,847Resale
295 Hoffman Dr$225,500$1192006-05-2619711,901Resale
304 Talwood Dr$250,000$1412006-05-1619691,770Resale
105 Hoffman Dr$246,900$1072005-08-1919642,301Resale
2801 Vann Cir$197,500$1142005-03-3019681,739Resale
301 Hoffman Dr$169,900$1042004-12-2719681,635Resale
2813 Sweetbriar Dr$173,000$1012004-12-1419691,719Resale
310 Talwood Dr$170,000$1152004-11-3019701,479Resale
2809 Trebark Dr$139,900$1092004-04-2219691,288Resale
204 Hoffman Dr$154,900$1162003-11-2119641,334Resale
293 Hoffman Dr$123,900$902003-11-1019671,370Resale
2812 Trebark Dr$145,000$742003-09-1219691,960Resale
2810 Sweetbriar Dr$149,900$882003-09-0419701,706Resale
211 Hoffman Dr$126,500$972003-08-1519641,300Resale
2812 Trebark Dr$100,000$512003-07-2619691,960Resale
2802 Trebark Dr$146,500$912003-04-1019691,612Resale
304 Talwood Dr$135,000$762002-12-1619691,770Resale
2813 Sweetbriar Dr$148,000$862002-11-2219691,719Resale
307 Talwood Dr$141,000$812002-07-2719701,737Resale
2822 Vann Cir$109,000$752002-05-2419681,444Resale
313 Hoffman Dr$118,500$682002-01-0819681,749Resale
105 Hoffman Dr$132,000$572001-12-2619642,301Resale
303 Hoffman Dr$103,000$902001-12-1419681,148Resale
315 Sweetbriar Dr$124,000$652001-10-2619691,904Resale
313 Talwood Dr$121,500$632001-07-3119701,924Resale
201 Winn Cay Dr$127,000$752001-07-3019691,688Resale
211 Hoffman Dr$106,500$822001-07-2719641,300Resale
2807 Sweetbriar Dr$121,500$702001-06-2819711,739Resale
301 Hoffman Dr$124,800$762001-06-2019681,635Resale
306 Talwood Dr$115,000$742001-06-1519691,546Resale
110 Hoffman Dr$101,900$882001-04-1719641,152Resale
309 Hoffman Dr$109,900$822001-02-2119681,334Resale
298 Hoffman Dr$92,000$702001-02-0219671,305Resale
2814 Trebark Dr$123,500$662000-07-2119691,860Resale
2818 Vann Cir$102,500$922000-06-0219681,118Resale
302 Talwood Dr$115,000$662000-05-0119691,749Resale
309 Hoffman Dr$106,500$802000-04-0619681,334Resale
315 Hoffman Dr$96,000$622000-03-1519681,537Resale
307 Talwood Dr$117,900$681999-12-1019701,737Resale
113 Hoffman Dr$110,000$861999-11-0419641,276Resale
2802 Trebark Dr$128,500$801999-07-2019691,612Resale
304 Talwood Dr$122,500$691999-07-1319691,770Resale
2812 Trebark Dr$114,900$591999-06-0919691,960Resale
210 Winn Cay Dr$116,000$711999-05-2519671,640Resale
2806 Vann Cir$117,900$591999-05-2119672,012Resale
102 Winn Cay Dr$100,000$621999-04-1219681,602Resale
2816 Vann Cir$89,900$661998-12-22--1,363Resale
103 Winn Cay Dr$123,500$721998-10-2919691,708Resale
2811 Sweetbriar Dr$126,200$731998-07-09--1,740Resale
2812 Vann Cir$127,000$671998-06-1819681,887Resale
308 Sweetbriar Dr$146,500$841998-05-12--1,739Resale
309 Talwood Dr$129,000$751998-03-31--1,716Resale
2813 Sweetbriar Dr$105,000$611997-07-3119691,719Resale
119 Hoffman Dr$91,500$801997-06-20--1,144Resale
2822 Vann Cir$130,000$901997-06-1919681,444Resale
2811 Sweetbriar Dr$125,000$721997-05-16--1,740Resale
205 Winn Cay Dr$90,000$461997-03-28--1,964Resale
113 Hoffman Dr$88,000$691996-12-2719641,276Resale
2817 Vann Cir$123,500$681996-08-30--1,828Resale
2807 Sweetbriar Dr$90,000$521996-08-0719711,739Resale
311 Sweetbriar Dr$89,800$601996-05-2019691,508Resale
2804 Vann Cir$85,900$711996-03-01--1,216Resale
100 Hoffman Dr$116,600$811995-12-20--1,445Resale
107 Hoffman Dr$95,000$471995-12-12--2,016Resale
204 Hoffman Dr$108,000$811995-09-1519641,334Resale
309 Hoffman Dr$81,700$611995-07-2519681,334Resale
2818 Vann Cir$84,900$761995-05-2519681,118Resale
210 Winn Cay Dr$102,900$631994-12-2119671,640Resale
2806 Trebark Dr$90,000$481994-09-26--1,867Resale
2807 Trebark Dr$115,900$721994-08-0119691,600Resale
2822 Vann Cir$110,000$761994-03-2519681,444Resale
2810 Vann Cir$99,500$561993-12-16--1,782Resale
202 Hoffman Dr$85,000$601993-11-2419641,421Resale
2802 Trebark Dr$96,900$601993-09-1619691,612Resale
204 Hoffman Dr$103,500$781993-07-2319641,334Resale
303 Hoffman Dr$70,000$611993-06-1819681,148Resale
293 Hoffman Dr$74,700$551993-06-0819671,370Resale
2812 Vann Cir$120,100$641993-06-0319681,887Resale
211 Hoffman Dr$74,000$571993-06-0119641,300Resale
311 Hoffman Dr$85,000$641993-03-29--1,323Resale
100 Hoffman Dr$107,000$741993-02-17--1,445Resale
2811 Sweetbriar Dr$119,900$691992-11-12--1,740Resale
2817 Vann Cir$115,000$631992-10-28--1,828Resale
307 Talwood Dr$108,000$621992-10-1219701,737Resale
309 Hoffman Dr$71,000$531992-09-1119681,334Resale
311 Hoffman Dr$83,000$631992-08-12--1,323Resale
2806 Trebark Dr$83,000$441992-07-30--1,867Resale
104 Hoffman Dr$64,500$551992-07-02--1,175Resale
206 Hoffman Dr$77,300$591991-10-30--1,305Resale
2819 Pound Dr$69,000$491991-06-1219761,421Resale
2822 Vann Cir$95,000$661991-05-3119681,444Resale
2819 Pound Dr$69,000$491991-05-3119761,421Resale
105 Hoffman Dr$100,000$431991-04-0319642,301Resale
316 Talwood Dr$96,000$651991-03-2519781,484Resale

I hope you enjoyed our June 2015 update on home sales in Suburban Hills, please feel free to drop me a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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